Automating Operations Management in Multi-cloud Environments

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There are many different ways to monitor your business applications. But is your team equipped to respond quickly and effectively to event alerts from various monitors, both in the public cloud and behind the firewall? Are your testing teams running scenarios that reflect the actual state of your application's operational health?

With the variety of tools available, many of which are open source, you might be able to see what issues are happening. But does your team know about these issues immediately, and are they equipped with the information and knowledge to resolve them promptly? And can they implement their fixes to applications live in production?  

Join this web seminar to learn how to design effective test cases that keep your teams ahead of operational issues.

You will learn:

  • The actual state of your application's operational health to enhance your test cases
  • How to use the power of your monitoring and management tools to diagnose one-off and recurring service-impacting issues
  • How to improve your teams' ability to respond to and restore service fast when disruptions occur

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James Moore

James Moore is offering manager at IBM, responsible for offering management and strategy for IBM HybridCloud Operations Insight solutions, including IBM Cloud Event Management, Runbook Automation, and Alert Notification. James joined IBM from the Candle acquisition in 2004, where he was product manager for Candle’s Application Response Time product lines. James has more than fifteen years’ experience in event management, application performance management, and business service management.



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