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Securing the Next Generation of Connected Vehicles

Start Date:2/16/2021

Start Time:2:00 PM EST

Duration:60 minutes


From a security standpoint, early editions of connected vehicles had a rough start. Securing automobiles is hard – perhaps harder than just about any other device. 

This presentation will outline the unique security challenges that engineers face when securing connected vehicles, address the role that PKI and cryptography play in securing them – and how the same principles can improve security for other connected products where high assurance and scalability are a must.

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Ted Shorter

CTO + Co-Founder


Ted Shorter is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder at Keyfactor. Responsible for Keyfactor’s Intellectual Property development efforts, Ted helps align Keyfactor’s focus with the changing security landscape, ensuring our clients understand the importance of crypto-agility. Ted has worked in the security arena for over 25 years, in the fields of cryptography, Public Key Infrastructure, authentication and authorization, and software vulnerability analysis. His past experience includes 10 years at the National Security Agency, a master’s degree in computer science from The Johns Hopkins University, and an active CISSP certification.

Ryan Sanders

Senior Product Manager


As a Senior Product Manager at Keyfactor, Ryan leads the go-to-market strategies for IoT and enterprise crypto-agility solutions. Ryan actively analyses the latest compliance mandates, security trends, and industry best practices related to public key infrastructure (PKI) and digital certificates. Before Keyfactor, Ryan led product marketing for a Toronto-based encryption and key management solutions provider.

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