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What does the future hold for LTC post-vaccine?

Start Date:2/25/2021

Start Time:1:00 PM EST

Duration:60 minutes

With the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines also comes a strong dose of hope for long-term care stakeholders. Although vaccination timings aren’t all known yet, it is a good time to look ahead to an expected wave of questions, changes and new challenges.
This must-attend webinar will address questions such as when dining, activities and therapy can resume to improve quality of life, as well as when testing and PPE protocols may change, plus much more.

Attendees will be able to: 
  • Identify post round-3 vaccination solutions, including vaccine ordering & fulfillment and reporting requirements
  • Anticipate questions residents, families and staff will have about a post-vaccine world
  • Discuss strategies to reduce or eliminate resident isolation
  • Project possible timelines for the return to group dining, activities and therapy, in-person visits, and decreased testing, quarantining, PPE and more
  • Outline COVID-19 guidance and regulatory requirements and mandates that will influence the road to recovery
By watching this program in its entirety, you can earn (1) CE credit!

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Phil Fogg


Consonus Healthcare and Marquis Companies

After working for Prestige Care as an administrator and regional manager, Phil stepped out on his own. In 1989 he assumed the management of his first skilled nursing facility—a soon to be successful turn-around project at what is now Marquis Vermont Hills. Since then, the company has grown to become one of the Northwest’s premiere providers of senior care services—with 26 long-term care properties, thriving rehab, home care, staffing and pharmacy entities through Consonus Healthcare, and more than 3500 employees in six Western states. Throughout his career, Phil has been a respected and influential advocate for long-term care in Oregon and across the nation. He is credited with helping elevate the profession by championing resident care outcomes, increased reimbursement, workforce initiatives and strategies that help navigate the profession through challenging times.
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