Construction Safety 4.0: Pandemic-Driven Changes and Technology Advances


Duration:60 minutes


The webinar will address the changing landscape of construction safety. The pandemic forced a systemic shift in the ways companies do business, which had a significant effect on the construction industry. Technology advances have also impacted the management of activities on construction sites and integrated multiple contractor coordination. Further, drones have emerged for construction management from remote locations. Safety is integrated into these activities to ensure controls are not mitigated to protect workers from potential exposure. Integrating safety can in fact enhance construction safety in ways not imagined before. Come and see this lively, innovative and informative webinar on construction safety 4.0!

Key takeaways:

  • Pandemic-driven changes in construction
  • How safety is changing in stay abreast in construction technology
  • Safety and training improvements using emerging technologies
  • Safety and training changes due to labor shortages
  • Improvement in safety and collaboration on construction sites

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Technical Director


Mark Hansen is currently a Technical Director at ERM. Mr. Hansen holds a “Certified Safety Professional” certificate from BCSP and is a “Fellow” (FASSP) and a “Professional Member” of the American Society of Safety Professionals. Mr. Hansen holds Certified Professional Environmental, Health and Safety Auditor (CPEA) and a Certified Process Safety Auditor (CPSA) certificates, both from the BEAC. Mr. Hansen also holds a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) certificate from the BCPE. Mr. Hansen has over 35 years of industry experience in engineering, operations and EH&S at both domestic and international locations. He has extensive experience leading innovative programs to improve performance, reduce risk, assure regulatory compliance, and to manage costs. Areas of expertise include management systems development; EH&S program implementation, Environmental, Social and Governance strategies, and quantification of potential liabilities, regulatory assurance programs, remediation, public affairs and Safety engineering. Mr. Hansen has worked successfully at the executive levels in various industries including oil and gas, manufacturing, private equity markets, and construction. Mr. Hansen has a BS degree in Psychology and a MS Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University. Mr. Hansen is a registered Professional Engineer in Texas.




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