OSHA Record Keeping in 2019: What You Need to Know


Duration:60 minutes


The OSHA recordkeeping requirements have been around for decades. Employers of various sizes in a wide range of industries are required to complete the records; many must also notify OSHA of serious events and submit their injury and illness data electronically to OSHA each year. Fines and penalties for providing inaccurate information can be substantial, as can the impact on company brand from the potential negative publicity. An ongoing challenge is how best to comply with the requirements which sometimes can be difficult to understand.

This one-hour session will provide a quick over view of recent recordkeeping developments, followed by a review of the decision logic used to determine which cases should be recorded. Special emphasis will be given to how to decide if a case is work related under OSHA since this part of the process is where most struggle.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Receive an update on recent recordkeeping developments that could impact your company.
  • Gain an improved understanding of the decision logic for determining which cases should be recorded on the OSHA Log.
  • Learn how to best apply the OSHA tests for work relationship which are not intuitive.
  • Be able to better explain the OSHA data to your leadership; what it means, and more importantly what it does not mean.

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Steve Newell

Steve is a Partner of ORCHSE Strategies, LLC. He coordinates the organization’s highest-level group, the Executive Business Issues Forum, the main Occupational Safety and Health Network, and the Occupational Safety and Health Legal Issues Network; and contributes to the Global HSE Forum and Corporate Environmental Forum. Steve works extensively with member companies on topics such as fatality and serious injury prevention, human and organizational performance, contractor safety and health, improved safety and health performance metrics, OSHA record keeping, management system implementation, sustainability, and safety and health value analysis.



OSHA Record Keeping in 2019: What You Need to Know
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