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Struggling to Maintain Certifications While Socially Distancing?

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Start Time:1:00 PM EDT

Duration:60 minutes


The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all aspects of life for long-term care workers, especially how they maintain their required certifications while socially distancing. As more and more Instructor-led classes and training centers shut down, the ever-growing risk of unnecessary viral exposure becomes apparent.

Join us for this 60-minute webinar where John Dymond, Associate Vice President, Simulation Solutions explores how to protect the most valuable resource in the world, our healthcare providers. He will showcase training solutions that facilitates social distancing with self-paced, self-directed training, while meeting all regulatory requirements.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand how to safely complete remote certifications
  • Track and manage overdue or expiring certifications

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John Dymond

Associate Vice President, Simulation Solutions


Meet John Dymond, Associate Vice President – Simulation Solutions at HealthStream for the past 3 years. John has more than 15 years of healthcare technology experience. He originally joined HealthStream in January 2009 responsible for new and client business of our workforce development technology including clinical content. Throughout his career at HealthStream, John has been fortunate to have worked with hundreds of healthcare organizations, achieving innovative ways to improve Life Support Training. He values people and strives for continued learning and development while improving results. Over the past five years, he has led the simulation solutions team of 27 solution executives responsible for life support, neonatal training and certifications across the acute and continuum healthcare space. John has been instrumental in the launch of multiple simulation-based solutions positioning our partners and HealthStream for continued success and commitment to the simulation/resuscitation and clinical space. John holds a B.A. in Communications from Anderson University, SC.
Struggling to Maintain Certifications While Socially Distancing?
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