Cement Stucco: What Contractors Need to Know


Duration:60 minutes


This webinar will cover the codes and standards related to cement plaster aka stucco. Industry accepted practices and troubleshooting as well as rainscreen, Continuous Insulation (CI) and Energy Code will be covered. Protect yourself in the event of defect litigation.  

We will discuss:

  • The moisture management principles in stucco including bulk water and vapor issues.  
  • Regional practices with stucco applications.
  • How to use codes, standards and industry papers to your benefit.
  • Application caveats and tips such as pumping cement plaster and troubleshooting issues.

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Mark Fowler

Executive Director

Stucco Manufacturers Assoc.

Mark Fowler is the Technical Director for two trade associations. He is also the author of the Stucco Resource Guide and the Drywall and Plaster Manual. Mark is the Project manager at Soltner Group Architects and an industry expert for the California State License Board—C 35 (Lath and Plaster). He is also an ASTM organization group member.



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