The Ethics of Burnout

Start Date:5/19/2021

Start Time:1:00 PM EDT

Duration:60 minutes


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This presentation will provide an overview of the research related to compassion fatigue, burnout and vicarious trauma, and how it impacts social workers. Participants will learn to identify the ethical implications of a lack of attention to this pervasive issue, and will learn about several techniques and strategies to address this problem.

Webinar Objectives 
  • Attendees will learn how to identify compassion fatigue and burnout.
  • Attendees will learn about different assessment tools to assess burnout.
  • Attendees will also learn a social work, strengths-based approach to address the experience of burnout.
  • Attendees will be able to explain the ethical implications and risks of burnout and compassion fatigue on social workers.

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R. Dr. Nadia Siritsky


Originally from Montreal, Nadia Siritsky recently moved to Nova Scotia and serves as the NSCSW’s Professional Practice and Advocacy Consultant. Nadia comes to the College with significant experience in a wide variety of settings including hospice and palliative care, community mental health, academia and health care administration, as well as a background in research, policy and advocacy. Her doctoral research focused on compassion fatigue and burnout, and she is excited to share this with the CASW