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Edge to Cloud AI, Superpowered by 5G

Start Date:11/12/2020

Start Time:11:00 AM EST

Duration:60 minutes


Let 5G Supercharge Your Edge-to-Cloud AI Connection Edge-based AI and 5G are two technologies in the spotlight. If we can combine their use, we can realize great gains. While Edge computing gains the benefits of low-latency, independence, and security, 5G can potentially keep these features intact while introducing Cloud computing. The high performance and GPU versatility of the NVIDIA Jetson series platform enables cloud-native computing for AI applications, from Cloud training and Edge inferencing, to speeding up the application process.

In this webinar, representatives from Aetina and NVIDIA will lay out an Edge AI solution that takes advantage of the bandwidth that comes with 5G communications, using the NVIDIA Jetson platform. A real-life case study will be used as the design example. You’ll also hear how Edge AI applications can increase business efficiency/profitability.

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Eason Hung

Solution Architect


Eason’s expertise is in deep learning and intelligent video analytics. He has strong engineering professional with a Master's degree focused on EEG analysis. For NVIDIA products, Eason focused on Jetson embedded platform. NVIDIA Deep learning institute (DLI) certificated instructor for CUDA and Intelligent Video Analytics

Richard Hung

Vice President

Aetina Corporation

Richard Hung is the Vice President at Aetina Corporation. With over 20 years of IPC experience, he knows the challenges and technical principles of the AIoT construction well. Richard specializes in edge computing and industrial technologies with an emphasis on various IoT applications. His work focuses specifically on Aetina's product developmental direction.

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