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The Evolution of Remote Work

Start Date:3/26/2020

Start Time:2:00 PM EDT

Duration:60 minutes


This webinar will provide an in-depth look at the growing importance of remote work in the business world. It explores the trend toward remote and global workforces thanks to changing workplace conditions and the advent of new digital technologies.

You will hear about:

The history of remote work

Current solutions to enable remote work

Predictions for the future of remote work

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Paul Vallée

Chief Executive Officer


Paul Vallée is the founder and CEO of Tehama and a serial entrepreneur who has spent his career at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies that enable the exchange of work over the internet. When founding Pythian in 1997, Paul envisioned a future that allows anyone to work from anywhere. Perceiving an opportunity for the Internet and related technologies to unlock human potential, he set out to apply and invent technology that could securely connect global workforces to enterprise IT systems. Paul was a pioneer in remote connectivity technology and lays claim to the first application of IPSEC VPN technology to enable enterprises to consume services over the internet. Paul founded Pythian as a data-centric services business with a focus on remote work, and under his leadership, the company developed groundbreaking tools that enable teams to work and interact seamlessly and securely even when dispersed across multiple continents. It is at Pythian that Tehama was born, then launched to the public in 2018, and now spun out to develop its opportunity to help global enterprises seeking to secure their services supply chain. With Tehama now independent, Paul has redoubled his commitment to the future of work. Tehama’s Virtual Office as a Service technology makes it easy for enterprises to manage, onboard and audit third-party vendors, remote teams, and freelancers by providing compliant, secure, cloud-based virtual desktops available on-demand globally. Paul is a sought-after speaker who was named 2016’s Diversity Champion by Canada’s Women in Communications and Technology, is active in the Council of Canadian Innovators, the CIO Strategy Council, and serves on the board of the Basic Income Canada Network.

Simon Bramfitt

Remote Technology Enabler


Simon is a former EUC consultant, DJ, and recovering CTO. After hearing about Tehama and realizing its potential to reshape the world, he offered to clean cars if it would allow him to join the founding team. Simon now works in Customer Success. When not sheltering in place in California, Simon travels extensively and uses Tehama to work securely from wherever he happens to be working from around the globe.

Jaymes Davis

Director of Product Strategy


Jaymes Davis is a published author whose whitepapers and articles have been endorsed by the industry’s top end user computing experts and innovators. With nearly two decades of experience in the IT services industry, Jaymes Davis is considered one of the industry’s top Business & technology consultants.His broad range of expertise has helped clients address many issues to increase their IT process efficiency or to solve a business process need, as well as lowering the total cost of ownership. His breadth of knowledge includes the development of a consulting methodology of the Virtual Oriented Architecture, which closely ties business strategies and needs to IT infrastructure and direction.
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