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IFCO 2020 - Peers are doing it for themselves

Start Date:11/18/2020

Start Time:11:00 AM EST

Duration:60 minutes


Peers are doing it for themselves: Conversations with leaders from care about the different ways of doing youth engagement & empowerment

Around the world, young people in and from care are leading movements for change. This peer facilitated and led panel highlights the young leaders who are building a movement for change in Canada’s child welfare system. Join us for a frank and enlightening conversation with young leaders from care on the ways they practice youth engagement and empowerment within their communities, from grassroots community-based organizing and formalized networks to advising government from within. You’ll learn about the strengths they rely on, challenges they face in their advocacy work, youth engagement
and empowerment best practices, and the lessons these young leaders have learned along the way.

IFCO 2020 Organizing Partners:

International Foster Care Organisation
Child Welfare League of Canada
Youth in Care Canada
Canadian Association of Social Workers
Centre for Research on Children and Families
Canadian Foster Family Association
Équipe de recherche sur le placement et l’adoption

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