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The Holy Grail of Digital Retail: Maximize Profitability and CSI


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It’s truly a myth that dealers must sacrifice profitability to boost their CSI scores. The key to increasing both simultaneously – the Holy Grail of digital retailing – is understanding your customer, your business and the factors that drive both.

Dealers have lost sight of what they’ve always been best at, which is marketing. Too many dealers worry about industry “disrupters” and the “magic” they create. But if you take a closer look, you’ll find those disruptors don’t make any money and don’t include a great process. The reality is, they’re good at creating the illusion of magic with messaging and branding aimed at what consumers want to hear. So why try to compete with or duplicate what they’re doing?

This webinar will explain how to create a playbook for profitability through digital retailing. You’ll gain a better understanding of:

  • How to implement a successful strategy around digital retailing that both increases profitability and CSI scores.
  • What the OEMS and their partners and the lead-generation companies don’t want you to know.
  • Ways to track and maintain ROI on any tool and process you implement.
  • Strategies for clearly messaging your brand and your identity to drive traffic that converts into revenue.

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Phillip Battista


Darwin Automotive

Phillip Battista is a 30 year Automotive veteran who founded Superior Integrated Solutions in 1998. He has held multiple positions within the dealership world including dealer principal. In 2007 he contributed technology marketing sales and “know-how” to create MenuVantage the first electronic F&I menu which included electronic consumer contract ratings and subsequent registration adopted by 4000 plus customers nationwide. In 2011, he created ServiceBook Pro which was the first fully integrated, end to end service workflow which is now CDk Service Edge. Both MenuVantage and ServiceBook were subsequently sold to CDK. In 2015, he launched Darwin which is the only patented prescriptive sales workflow for F&I product sales in the industry with over 8500 active sites nationwide. Phil graduated from St. Peter’s University.

Amy Foley


Tandem Media

Amy Foley is the President of Tandem Media, a first-in-class marketing firm with core competencies in strategic brand building and creative execution. With over 20 years experience in the automotive retail sector, Tandem Media has developed and launched thousands of automotive advertising and marketing campaigns at both the regional and national level. As early adopters of the digital retailing process, Tandem has helped dealers define and implement their digital retailing brand message by streamlining their online to offline experience. Tandem offers simple yet effective marketing solutions to differentiate dealers in the digital retailing space.

Geno Walsh

Executive Manager of Retail Operations

Qvale Auto Group

Geno Walsh currently serves as Executive Manager of Retail Operations for the Qvale Auto Group, headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida. Overseeing operations for 10 dealerships in Florida and California, Geno is regarded as a prominent influencer of the digital retailing process. In his close to 20 years in the automotive industry, Geno has successfully developed progressive digital marketing strategies, implemented modern sales processes and spearheaded several digital retailing best practices that have been integrated into dealerships around the country. Geno is one of only eight dealer members to serve on the Google Dealer Council and is also a member of the advisory board for CarWars and DealerSocket. Geno has keynoted several industry conferences both nationally and internationally, including; NADA, the Automotive Analytics and Attribution Summit and Global Digital Dealer Conference.

Moderator: Dave Versical

Chief of Editorial Operations,
Automotive News Group

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