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Using Consumer Transaction Data for Investment Decisions

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Date Aired: 12/1/2021
Start time: 10:00 AM EST
Duration: 60 minutes

Transaction data from billions of purchases provides a daily view into company performance and consumer trends. Join us to learn more about how institutional investors rely on Bloomberg Second Measure for identifying fast-growing consumer companies, gaining industry insights, validating investment theses, and tracking company performance intra-quarter.

Discussion Topics:

  • Which sectors are seeing growth or a decline during the pandemic?
  • Which company had the highest sales growth in a given industry?
  • Is a specific public company on track to meet, miss or exceed consensus estimates?
  • What do consumer spending trends look like on a cohort level?


Kelly Logan

Senior Data Scientist, Bloomberg Second Measure

Bloomberg L.P.

As a senior data scientist at Bloomberg Second Measure, Kelly helps build products that ingest billions of transactions to provide real-time insights on company performance and consumer trends. She has a Ph.D in Atmospheric Science, M.S. in Environment and Resources, and bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics, Atmospheric Science, and Russian Language & Literature.

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