How Security Has Changed in 2020: Benchmarking Trends in the New Normal


Duration:60 minutes


There is no doubt that the collective events of 2020 have changed the way we conduct our daily lives. For Security firms, this “new normal” has transformed how we approach operations and the people, processes, and technologies that support it. How much exactly is different, however? 

In this webinar, we conducted a survey of leading security firms across the United States to determine what the top challenges are in 2020, what are the biggest changes that are impacting businesses, and how firms are implementing people, processes and technology to ensure safety and security for employees and clients.

Learning Objectives:  
  • Learn about how the events of 2020 have shaped the face of security operations
  • The top challenges facing guard firms in 2020
  • How like-minded companies are making changes to mitigate risk
  • Best practices on improving safety and security operations


jeff didomenico



Jeff joined Valiant in 2000 as a partner & VP of sales & marketing after successfully selling a nationally recognized computer supplies company that he co-founded to OfficeMax. In the following 19 years Jeff has helped Valiant become the leading provider of security management software in North America. Other accomplishments include the Valiant Partner Marketplace, the Security Executive Roadshow, and various client events. Jeff is a frequent participant and speaker at security associations, thought leader, and content curator.


VP of Marketing

Trackforce Valiant

Tim Lozier is the Director of Product Strategy at Trackforce Valiant. Tim has an extensive background in software technology, and has been involved in the development of leading-edge technologies and strategies for workforce management solutions. Tim is responsible for fostering the direction of and providing strategic leadership for Trackforce Valiant a comprehensive platform for workforce management, with uniquely tailored solutions for Time and Labor Management, Guard Touring Management, Billing/Payroll Management and Human Resource Management.

Steve Vitale

Executive Vice President and Principal

P4 Protective Services (P4P)

Steve Vitale is the Executive Vice President and Principal for P4 Protective Services (P4P). His responsibilities include a strategic focus on integrated guarding solutions, operations, sales and marketing. Steve has a true passion for providing unparalleled services to all clients by creating meaningful security solutions without compromise. He is committed to the evolution of all security programs through officers, management, and technology. He is also currently a consultant to the board for the Illinois Security Professionals Association (ISPA).


Trackforce Valiant

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