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Open5G 2021
Open5G 2021 Telecom Virtual Event | On Demand

In the last year, we’ve found out what happens when you take 5G out of the lab and open it to the real world. Companies worldwide are putting their 5G plans into action – and, in the process, encountering new challenges, uncovering new opportunities, and finding out how 5G works when out in the open. At Open5G 2021, we’re inviting companies, experts and industry thought leaders from across the world to offer some insight into what 5G looks like out in the open. Together, you’ll collaborate to find new ways to fend off unexpected challenges, uncover new opportunities and find shortcuts to success on the next stage of your 5G journey. And no matter where your journey started, you’ll find tailored content designed to help you build your own path to success. 

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