Does Your Physical Security Screening Find or Miss High Risk Threats?

Available On-demand Until June 8, 2022

Duration:60 minutes


The world has changed and the old standards for people screening are out of date and no longer work; new standards are required for today’s environment. Crowded security lines and hands-on bag checks, once a nuisance, are unthinkable. Legacy security products are too slow, too costly, and too error prone. In this chronically volatile world, keeping weapons out of gathering spaces must be a top priority for every venue and facility. People screening isn’t just for airports and jails anymore - everywhere people gather needs purpose-built protection that’s smart, touchless and fast.  

Learning Objectives
  • See how free-flow and touchless screening works compared to screening that is slow and invasive.
  • Learn how AI-powered screening reliably differentiates between “wallets and weapons.”
  • Discover how image-aided alarm resolution makes screening easy and accurate for your guards.
  • Understand how a system of people, process and technology, elevates your security posture.

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Anil Chitkara

Founder and Head of Corporate Development

Evolv Technology

Anil has spent his career at the intersection of technology and business, using technology to solve complex problems and gain competitive advantage. He founded Evolv to make the world a safer place to live, work, learn and play. Software may be eating the world, but sensors will make it safer.

Mark Sullivan

Principal, GSIS and Former Director, United States Secret Service

Mark works with clients on a variety of security issues including financial and intellectual property investigations, business due diligence, major event planning, security vulnerability assessments for sports venues, buildings and critical infrastructure, risk management consultation, and security training and executive protection, leveraging deep experience from 35 years with the USSS.



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