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Proferrin, an outstanding natural bioactive to develop immunity-boosting products

Start Date:21 APRIL 2020

Start Time:3:00PM Paris

Duration:60 minutes


Proferrin® is Ingredia’s native and pure lactoferrin, an iron binding glycoprotein, naturally occurring in milk and human secretions (saliva, tears…). Lactoferrin is well-known to boost your immune system thanks to its anti-microbial and anti-viral properties. Ingredia will display its last scientific results on Proferrin’s activity on the immune system and present how new product developments can meet consumers’ needs when 60% of consumers uses vitamins or supplements to manage their health and prevent diseases.


Audrey Boulier

Scientific and Innovative Manager for Bioactive

Audrey BOULIER joined INGREDIA SA in 2012 as clinical and regulatory specialist for active ingredients. Quickly, Mrs Boulier joined the research team to develop new functional and nutritional ingredients. For the past 4 years in research, she has developed a keen interest in analyzing and conductive innovative project on milk proteins. Among others, she focuses on the digestion behaviour of milk proteins especially on micellar caseins in order to develop the right solution for specific nutritional needs. Currently working as Scientific and Innovative Manager for Bioactive, she manages the bioactive and nutrition scientific programs. In addition to innovative manager responsibilities, Mrs Boulier works in connections with Universities, Hospitals and Scientific Institutes in Europe. Before working for INGREDIA SA, Mrs Boulier was graduated from AgroParisTech, Leading French engineering Institute of Science and Food Industry; with a speciality on Biology Sciences and technology, Nutrition and Human food.

Aurore Chemineau

Senior Product Manager

Aurore CHEMINEAU joined INGREDIA SA in 2016 as Senior Product Manager within the Marketing department. She manages the Health and Nutrition product ranges. Mrs. Chemineau has been working for more than 15 years in the food industry among which she spent 10 years working in B2B marketing. She began by doing marketing intelligence and studies for Diana and joined, after 3 years, Diana Petfood as a Product Manager. She became Europe Marketing Manager a few years later. Mrs. Chemineau graduated from AgroParisTech, the leading French Engineering Institute of Science and Food Industry.

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