Stop the Hidden Profit Killer: Expert Tips for Optimizing Heavy Construction Equipment Maintenance


Duration:60 minutes


"When the yellow iron runs, we make money” is a known adage in heavy construction, but complex equipment maintenance, uptime and utilization challenges are a constant threat to profitability. In this webcast, leading contractors share strategies and technologies they have adopted to cut costs and downtime through a more automated, proactive approach to preventive maintenance.

These experts will also discuss how they link maintenance, scheduling/dispatching and field management workflows to optimize how they deploy, track, move and maintain their fleets.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to more accurately assess the impact of equipment downtime on profitability
  • How to take equipment uptime rates from the industry average of 60-80% to 95% or better
  • How to automate preventive maintenance, and the clear ROI argument for doing it
  • How to connect operational workflows to drive more profitable equipment maintenance and scheduling

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Herb Brownett


Brownett & Aasociates

Brownett & Associates, LLC

Herb Brownett is President of Brownett & Associates, LLC, an independent construction financial management consulting firm. Former CFO of Brubacher Excavating, Inc., Herb has held a number of executive management roles at leading construction firms over many decades.

He is actively involved in the leadership of the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA), and is a frequent author and speaker at industry conferences.

John Casella II

Casella Construction

As a second-generation owner of one of the largest civil and heavy highway contractors in New England, John helps oversee the growth and profitability of a business that relies on more than 200 pieces of readily available equipment.

Through sound strategies for equipment and trucking maintenance, together with specialized software, they are able to perform projects more efficiently.

Dan Corbett

Equipment Manager
Lancaster Development, Inc.

Dan is an AEMP-certified equipment manager for Lancaster Development, a top highway, bridge and sitework contractor in New York.

He has extensive experience managing rolling equipment operations at all levels and has been directly responsible for implementing effective preventive maintenance strategies in transportation, trucking and railroad industry sectors.

Matt Cummings

Equipment Analyst
Banks Construction

With a background in transportation dispatch and supervision, Matt has been with Banks Construction since 2008. In his role as equipment analyst, he oversees effective methods for managing heavy equipment costs and utilization. His passion for continuous improvement has enabled the equipment division -- and all operations at Banks -- to become best-in-class.


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Stop the Hidden Profit Killer: Expert Tips for Optimizing Heavy Construction Equipment Maintenance
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