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“Beyond COVID-19: Global Tourism’s New Normal” Global Online Forum

The Hong Kong Tourism Board is proud to present the world’s very first industry forum, joined by world’s leaders to discuss new trends on tourism from Hong Kong to Mainland and from Asia to the world in the post-COVID era.

Date: 24 June 2020 (Wednesday) 
Time: 15.00 to 17.00 (HKT / GMT +8)  
Sydney 17.00 - 19:00 | London 08.00 -10.00 |
Frankfurt/ Paris 09.00 - 11.00


悉尼 下午5時至7時  |  倫敦 上午8時至10時  |  
法蘭克福/ 巴黎 上午9時至11時

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Pang Yiu-kai 彭耀佳

Chairman 主席

Hong Kong Tourism Board 香港旅遊發展局

As Chairman of the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), Dr Y.K. Pang is responsible for leading the organisation in actively promoting Hong Kong as a world-class travel destination around the world to maximise the benefits of tourism for the Hong Kong economy and the community at large.

Dr Pang has extensive experience in the commercial sector. Currently, he is Deputy Managing Director of Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited; Deputy Chairman and Deputy Managing Director of Jardine Matheson Limited; Director of Jardine Matheson (China) Limited; Director of Jardine Strategic Holdings Limited; Director of Dairy Farm International Holdings Limited; Director of Hongkong Land Holdings Limited; Director of Mandarin Oriental International Limited; and Director of Zhongsheng Group Holdings Ltd. He is also engaged in professional bodies, serving as Member of Council & General Committee of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, of which he was Chairman in 2014–16. Dr Pang is also Chairman of the General Committee and Executive Committee of Employers Federation of Hong Kong; and Deputy Chairman and Member of Council & Executive Committee of the Hong Kong Management Association.

Dr Pang was recognised as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Hong Kong in 1999 and has dedicated himself to public service. He is the Vice Patron of the Community Chest of Hong Kong; Chairman of HKSAR Government Advisory Committee on Gifted Education; Chairman of HKSAR Government Standing Commission on Civil Service Salaries and Conditions of Service; Chairman of HKSAR Government Standing Committee on Directorate Salaries and Conditions of Service; Member of the HKSAR Government Trade and Industry Advisory Board; and Chairman of the Hospital Governing Committee of Queen Mary Hospital and Tsan Yuk Hospital. Dr Pang was awarded the Gold Bauhinia Star in 2016 by the Hong Kong SAR Government, after receiving the Silver Bauhinia Star in 2008 for his long and distinguished public service.


彭博士具有豐富的營商經驗,現為怡和控股有限公司副行政總裁、怡和管理有限公司副主席及副行政總裁、怡和 (中國) 有限公司董事、怡和策略控股有限公司董事、牛奶國際控股有限公司董事、置地控股有限公司董事、文華東方國際有限公司董事,以及中升集團股份有限公司董事。彭博士亦活躍於專業團體,在2014至2016年間出任香港總商會前主席,現任理事會理事,同時為香港僱主聯合會理事會及執行委員會主席,以及香港管理專業協會副主席及理事會及執行委員會委員。


Alexandre de Juniac 亞歷山大•德•朱尼亞克

Director-General and CEO 理事長兼首席執行官

International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Alexandre de Juniac became the seventh person to lead the International Air Transport Association (IATA) when he took on the role of Director General and CEO from 1 September 2016.

De Juniac has almost three decades of experience in both the private and public sectors. This includes senior positions in the airline and aerospace industries and the French government.

De Juniac served as Chairman and CEO of Air France-KLM (2013-2016) and prior to that as Chairman and CEO of Air France (2011-2013). Under de Juniac’s leadership Air France and Air France-KLM underwent a successful restructuring that improved efficiency and strengthened performance. He has also served on the IATA Board of Governors (2013-2016).

De Juniac has broad aviation sector experience, including 14 years at French aerospace, space, defense, security and transportation company Thales, and its predecessor companies Thompson-CSF and Thompson SA (1995-2009). In his last position at Thales, de Juniac was responsible for the company’s operations and sales in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

De Juniac has also held positions in the French government. His career began with the Conseil d’Etat (State Council) from 1988 to 1993. Subsequently, he served in the Department of Budget (1993-1995); and in the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment as Chief of Staff to then Minister Christine Lagarde (2009-2011).

A French citizen, de Juniac was born in 1962. He is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique de Paris and Ecole Nationale de l’Administration. At IATA he works from both the association’s main offices in Montreal, Canada and Geneva, Switzerland.




德·朱尼亞克有著豐富的航空業從業經驗,曾在法國的航空航天、安防和運輸公司Thales及其前身Thompson-CSF和Thompson SA工作14年(1995年-2009年)。在離開Thales前,他負責公司在亞洲、非洲、中東和拉丁美洲的運營和銷售。

德·朱尼亞克還曾在法國政府任職。1988年-1993年,他在法國最高行政法院任職。之後,他曾在預算部任職(1993年-1995年);他還曾在經濟、產業和就業部擔任克裡斯蒂娜·拉加德部長(Christine Lagarde)的首席顧問(2009年-2011年)。

德·朱尼亞克是法國人,生於1962年。他畢業於巴黎綜合理工學院(Ecole Polytechnique de Paris)和法國國家行政學院(Ecole Nationale de l’Administration)。在國際航空運輸協會,他將在位於加拿大蒙特利爾和瑞士日內瓦的兩個主要辦公室工作。

Gloria Guevara 格洛麗亞•格瓦拉

CEO & President 總裁兼首席執行官

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)

Gloria joined WTTC in August 2017, following a varied career in Travel & Tourism. Recognised as one of the most influential women in Mexico by CNN and Expansion, Gloria began her professional career in 1989 at NCR Corporation working in the Latin America, Middle East, and Africa regions. Since 1995 she has worked for the travel industry, starting at the Sabre Travel Network and Sabre Holdings, she was later CEO of JV Sabre Mexico reporting to a board of directors from Aeromexico, Mexicana, and Sabre. In March 2010 President Calderon appointed her as Minister of Tourism and two weeks after she was given in addition the full responsibility of the Mexican Tourism board. Under her leadership the “National Agreement for Tourism” in Mexico was created and signed on 28 February 2011. Gloria received the Good Neighbour Award from the US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce and Virtuoso awarded Mexico the best tourism board in the world due to her successful branding and repositioning efforts. In addition, Gloria has been Special Advisor on Government Affairs to Harvard University, and part of the Future for Travel, Tourism and Aviation Global Agenda Council of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

格瓦拉女士於2017年8月加入世界旅遊及旅行業理事會。在此之前,她在旅遊業有著豐富的經驗。 格瓦拉被CNN和《Expansion》新聞雜誌評為墨西哥最具影響力女性之一。她於1989年在NCR公司開展事業,活躍於拉丁美洲、中東和非洲地區。自1995年起,她便一直從事旅遊業,從Sabre Travel Network和Sabre Holdings開始,到後來擔任合資公司Sabre Mexico的首席執行官,負責向包括墨西哥國際航空、Mexicana和Sabre等公司的董事會匯報業務。 2010年3月,墨西哥總統卡爾德隆任命格瓦拉女士為旅遊部長;兩週後她又被同時任命全權负责墨西哥旅遊局的工作。在她的領導下,墨西哥於2011年2月28日制定并通過了《國家旅遊業協議》。由於她成功重塑墨西哥旅遊業的品牌,為國家旅遊業重新定位,格瓦拉女士获得美國墨西哥商會的“睦鄰獎”,而墨西哥旅遊局亦勇奪Virtuoso的“世界最佳旅遊局” 獎項。 此外,格瓦拉女士亦是美國哈佛大學的政府事務特別顧問,以及世界經濟論壇(WEF)全球議題理事會(旅遊和航空業未來發展)的成員。

Hermione Joye

Sector Lead, Travel and Vertical Search APAC


Hermione is a leader with 15 years’ experience in sales, marketing, strategy and business development in the technology & travel sector.

Hermione leads the APAC Travel team for Google’s Large Customer Sales business, working with leading online travel agents, airlines & hotel chains to develop digital business strategy & products for Asian consumers. Additionally she oversees the APAC Vertical search team, who help clients adopt our more technical solutions such as Hotel Ads, and work with our Product & Engineering team to build products for our region. Prior to this, Hermione worked in Google's Sydney office managing major Retail clients.

Before her time at Google, she worked in the TV industry for 4 years, working for 7media West running the Key Accounts team. When she launched her career she started in Creative Advertising working initially for M&C Saatchi and then TBWA in Sydney.

Hermione was educated in Sydney Australia, completing a degree in Economics & Social Sciences from Sydney University and was awarded the Young Citizen of the Year (2009) by the Woollahra Mulinciptilty.

Hermione now lives in Singapore, and has done so for six years. She is a mum to three young children and a Red Kelpie, and is an incredibly passionate traveler.

Hermione擁有15年在科技和旅遊業界的銷售、市場推廣、 策略制訂和業務發展經驗。

領導著Google亞太區旅遊團隊,Hermione肩負著團隊中主要客戶的銷售業務,與龍頭的網上旅行社、航空公司和連鎖酒店集團合作,為客戶制定針對亞洲消費者的數碼業務策略和相關產品。 她亦同時掌管Google亞太區的垂直搜尋 (vertical search)團隊,協助客戶採用技術性較強的業務方案,例如Hotel Ads,並夥拍產品和工程團隊,為亞太區打造合適的產品。在此之前,Hermione負責管理Google悉尼辦公室的重要零售業客戶。

加入Google之前,Hermione有4年電視界工作經驗,負責7media West關鍵客戶團隊的運作。她在創意廣告業展開職業生涯,先後就職悉尼M&C Saatchi和TBWA兩家創意媒體公司。 Hermione在澳洲悉尼大學獲得經濟與社會科學學位,並獲澳洲Woollahra 市政府頒贈 2009年度最佳青年公民的美譽。


Jane Sun 孫潔

CEO 首席執行官 Group Limited 攜程集團

Jane Jie Sun is the CEO and a member of the board of directors of Group Limited, the largest travel company in China and Asia, and the second-largest in the world. She first joined the company as the CFO in 2005, later serving as the COO and the Co-President, before moving into the CEO role in 2016.

She is a JPMorgan Asian Advisory Board member, Vice-Chair of the World Travel & Tourism Council, Co-Chair of the Development Advisory Board of the University of Michigan and Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute, and a Board member and Business Leaders Group committee member of Business China established by Singapore’s Founding Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew. In 2019, she was awarded an Asia Society Asia Game Changer Award. Forbes named her one of the Emergent 25 Asia’s Latest Star Businesswomen in 2018, and one of the Most Influential and Outstanding Businesswomen in China in 2017. She was also one of Fortune’s Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Business, and one of FastCompany’s Most Creative People in Business in 2017. During her tenure at Group, she also won the Institutional Investor Awards for the Best CEO and the Best CFO.

孫潔女士是亞洲最大、全球第二大在線旅游平台攜程旅行網的首席執行官及董事會成員。她於2005年回國加入攜程,出任首席財務官一職,此後歷任攜程首席運營官、聯合總裁等職務,並於2016年11 月起擔任攜程首席執行官。

她是摩根大通亞洲顧問委員會成員,同時擔任世界旅游理事會副主席,密西根大學上海交通大學聯合研究所發展顧問委員會聯合主席,和通商中國(由新加坡建國總理李光耀先生創立)董事會董事與商業領袖彙理事職務。2019 年,她獲亞洲協會頒發“亞洲創變者獎”。2018 年,她被《福布斯》評為25 位亞洲新銳女性之一。2017 年,她被《福布斯》評為中國最傑出商業女性之一,獲選《財富》全球最具影響力50 位商業女性之一,同年也被美國著名財經媒體《快公司》評為全球最具創新商業人物。任職攜程期間,她獲得了國際知名財經雜志《機構投資者》授予的Best CEO 及Best CFO 獎項。

Kai Hattendorf 賀庭凱

Managing Director & CEO 執行總經理兼首席執行官

The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) 國際展覽業協會(UFI)

Kai Hattendorf is Managing Director / CEO of UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. As such, he is responsible for UFI activities and events globally, as well as the operation of its offices and presences in Paris, Brussels, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai, and Bogota.

Currently, Kai also serves as Honorary President of the Joint Meetings Industry Council (JMIC), the global council of international and global associations serving the Business Events Industry.

Prior to his current role, Kai worked in the exhibition industry for numerous years in senior management positions at Messe Frankfurt’s global headquarters, focusing on transformational issues ranging from digitisation to marketing and communications.

His previous career also includes leadership positions in marketing/strategic communications as well as in strategy and product development in the ITC and Media Industry for the Deutsche Telekom Group, the dpa Group (the German Press Agency), and a start-up.

A journalist by education, Kai has internationally reported and worked for the WDR and Radio Bremen broadcasters in Germany, at Euronews in France, the BBC in the UK, and the Voice of America. He holds a Master’s degree from the American University, Washington, DC. He also studied in Dortmund and Edinburgh.

賀庭凱 (Kai Hattendorf) 是國際展覽業協會(UFI)的執行總經理及首席執行官,負責UFI在全球舉辦的所有活動及管理UFI在巴黎、布魯塞爾、香港、上海、迪拜和波哥大的各個事辦處及代表處的運營。

此外,賀庭凱還擔任聯合會議行業理事會 (JMIC) 的名譽主席,JMIC是服務於商務活動行業國際和全球性協會的單一全球理事會。

在此之前,賀庭凱曾在法蘭克福展覽中心全球總部擔任高級管理職務,在展覽業擁有多年的工作經驗.在此期間,他主要負責處理數字化、營銷和通訊等轉型問題。 此外,賀庭凱曾在德國電訊集團、德意志新聞社及一家新創公司等ITC和媒體行業擔任營銷/戰略通訊及戰略產品開發等領導職務。


Peter C. Borer 包華

COO & Executive Director 營運總裁及執行董事

The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited

Mr Peter Borer is the Chief Operating Officer of The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited, owner and operator of The Peninsula Hotels. He joined the group in 1981 and became General Manager of The Peninsula Hong Kong in 1994. He was appointed as Chief Operating Officer of the group in April 2004. Mr Borer is a graduate of the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland and is now a member of the International Advisory Board of the school. In 2019, he was recognised with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Alumni Network of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and a member of Advisory Council of Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital.


Steve Saxon 沈思文

Partner 董事合夥人

McKinsey & Company 麥肯錫公司

Steve Saxon is a Partner in McKinsey & Company’s Shenzhen office. Steve joined McKinsey in London in 2000, and transferred to Asia in 2005. He leads McKinsey’s Travel practice for Asia.

Steve has worked across the travel value chain. He has supported over ten airlines across Asia Pacific, and has worked with LCCs and mainline carriers. His work includes airline strategy, improving frequent flyer schemes, air cargo strategy, improving sales teams and driving online distribution. Steve has also supported some of the leading travel agencies in China with growth.

Steve has recently published articles on China’s travel recovery after COVID-19, and on the future of airlines.




Brian King 金博藍

Associate Dean, School of Hotel and Tourism Management

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Brian King is Professor and Associate Dean in the School of Hotel and Tourism Management at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Prior to 2012, he was at Victoria University, Australia including as Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Industry & Community) and Head of the School of Hospitality & Tourism. Originally from Scotland, he specializes in hospitality leadership and cultural tourism in Asia and holds a PhD from Monash University, Australia. He has published books and articles on integrated resorts, marketing, VFR travel and Asia-Pacific tourism. He is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Tourism, Culture & Communication and accreditation chair for the International Centre of Excellence for Tourism & Hospitality Education (THE-ICE). His industry experience includes manager and/or director roles in airlines, tour operations, destination management, cruise operations and hotels. He has held visiting professorships in Europe, USA and the Pacific and is a Fellow of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism and of the International Association for China Tourism Studies. He is a regular media commentator and seeks to advance the application of scholarship to contemporary real-world challenges, particularly in Asia.

金博藍是香港理工大學酒店及旅遊業管理學院教授及副院長。來自蘇格蘭的金教授在2012年前, 曾於澳洲維多利亞大學擔任副校長(主管行業及社區)兼酒店及旅遊學院院長。他主要研究亞洲酒店業領導力及文化旅遊。 金教授擁有澳洲莫納什大學的博士學位, 曾發表及出版了多項關於綜合度假村、市場行銷、探親訪友旅遊及亞太旅遊之書籍及文章。他是《旅遊、文化及交流》學刊之創始人及主編, 也是國際旅遊及酒店業教育卓越中心(THE-ICE)的認證主席。他具有豐富的行業經驗, 曾在航空公司、旅遊運營公司、目的地管理、郵輪運營及酒店等領域擔任過經理及/或總監職務。他還在歐洲、美國及太平洋地區擔任過客座教授, 是國際旅遊研究院及中國旅遊研究國際協會的院士。他還經常應邀在媒體上發表評論, 致力於推動學術研究在當代現實世界挑戰中的應用, 特別是在亞洲地區。
“Beyond COVID-19: Global Tourism’s New Normal” Global Online Forum
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