Telling Your ESG Story
Resonating With All Corporate Stakeholders

Successful companies can tell a compelling ESG story to their investors, employees, customers and other key stakeholders. If the COVID-19 crisis has shown us one thing, it’s that the interests of these stakeholder groups are more connected than ever before. Employee safety is an ESG and a business issue, for example. 

By creating a consistent ESG message across different corporate websites, news releases, regulatory filings, video events and social media posts, companies can ensure that they tell a consistent ESG story to their different stakeholder groups. This takes collaboration between IR, corporate communications, PR and sometimes even human resources.

In this webinar we’ll hear examples from companies leading the charge in this regard.

Meet Our Speakers

Simon Ball

Senior Vice President, Product

Intrado Digital Media

Lyndon Park

Managing Director and Head of Governance Advisory Solutions


Ed Egl

Senior Director, Investor Relations and Field Finance

Waste Management

Ben Ashwell


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