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Archive - Update on detection of infections by Avian Influenza Virus

Start Date:9/22/2021

Start Time:9:00 AM EDT

Duration:60 minutes


The various subtypes of avian influenza virus like H5, H6 and H9 are increasing in many areas of the world. In various parts of the world, birds are vaccinated against AIV, using inactivated vaccines, subunit vaccines or recombinant vector vaccines. The diagnostic approach has to be adapted to the local situation, preferably using the Differentiating Infected from Vaccinated Animals (DIVA) strategy. This presentation will give an update on the aspects and developments in the detection of AI infections

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Dr. Dario Zammerini


Host: Dr. Dario Zammerini graduated in Veterinary Medicine in 2006, Italy, and received his Ph.D. in Meat Science in 2010, UK. After continuing his research work in Spain, he started to work in the poultry industry at international level first as Export Technical Manager and then as Product Manager in international vaccine companies. At present he is the Poultry Specialist for EMEA in IDEXX.

Prof. dr. Sjaak de Wit

Speaker: Prof. dr. Sjaak de Wit received his DVM degree from Utrecht University in the NL in 1989 and his PhD. in 1997. He has held a permanent position at Royal GD (former GD Animal Health), Deventer, NL since 1989. Since 2019, he has combined the position at GD with the position as Professor Integral Poultry Health at the Veterinary Faculty of the Utrecht University. He has published more than 70 peer-reviewed papers and has contributed to several books including Poultry Diseases and the OIE Terrestrial Manual.
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