Clean Label Snack & Bakery Shopper Insights

Available On-demand Until April 22, 2022

Duration:60 minutes


Food industry dynamics like organic, natural, ingredient avoidance, and overall product simplification continue to drive category growth. Understanding shopper patterns related to these trends helps provide a roadmap for future product strategies. This webinar will highlight shopper intelligence from Thea Bourianne, MBA, RD, LDN, manager of solutions consulting for Label Insight, a leading CPG metadata specialist that performs comprehensive ingredient analysis to identify unique product attributes across over 30,000 brands and a leading collaborator with IRI. During this webinar, she will help snack and bakery company leadership better understand shoppers and their different needs, including: 

  • Shopper patterns seeking health and wellness benefits
    • A review of nutrients claims (fiber, protein, whole grains)
    • A review of health claims (heart health, digestive health, diabetes health, energy)
    • Emerging areas and missed opportunities for brands
  • Shoppers adhering to dietary requirements and ingredient avoidance
    • Big 8 allergens along with gluten and sesame (new FDA recommendations)
    • Free from artificial ingredients
    • Diet and lifestyle (ketogenic, Paleo, vegan)
  • Consumer trends
    • Perception of “natural” and “organic”
    • Perception of ingredient statement length, including any correlation with better-for-you product attributes
    • E-commerce search data for longstanding and emerging trends
    • How trends in bakery compare with other categories

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Thea Bourianne

Manager, Solutions Consulting

Label Insight

Thea Bourianne, MBA, RD, LDN is a licensed and registered dietitian based in Chicago. Specializing in nutrition, US and international food labeling regulation, and food composition, Thea is a regular thought leader and contributor to IRI content. In her current role at Label Insight, Thea manages a team which supports retailers, CPG brands, US government, technology companies, researchers, and other entities to build data-driven, customer-centric solutions by applying high order attribution to drive client results. Prior to working at Label Insight, Thea’s previous positions have included product development, commercialization, fresh and frozen food manufacturing, and regulatory affairs with companies and clients such as Taco Bell Corp., Wilton Brands, Starbucks, Ahold, Walgreens and 7-Eleven, among others.

Darren Mahaffy

Chief Marketing Officer

Silver Hills Bakery

Darren Mahaffy is the Chief Marketing Officer of Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery where he guides the marketing team and directs the executive team on marketing and brand strategy. His love of data and quantitative information, adaptability, and strong leadership skills are key to ushering in the next wave of innovation and development for these brands. Darren’s precise instincts are key to the companies’ marketing strategies, something he honed over years working for personal care and food industry heavy hitters including Proctor & Gamble, Pepsi Co., Weston Foods, and Nature’s Path, among others.


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