Vehicle Autonomy and the Future of Cybersecurity


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The global automotive cybersecurity market is expected to grow significantly as new vehicles become more connected and autonomous. The event will look at the in-car and off-board infrastructure cybersecurity policies, technologies, services, and products that will enable top OEMs and suppliers to strengthen their products’ defenses, mitigation, and resilience. As new mobility services are envisioned, car systems become more electronic, and vehicle software solutions and attack surfaces proliferate, the industry’s thought and technology leaders are developing the next-generation solutions that will make future vehicles and mobility services better and safer.


Joby Jester

Cybersecurity Solutions Architect


Joby Jester is a cybersecurity solutions architect working for Irdeto in the connected transportation field. He also leads the security team for the GENIVI Alliance where he is working to establish a collaborative and inclusive security workgroup between OEMs and Tier 1s. He believes collaboration will create a security-first approach to the development lifecycle, which drives success of all parties involved. Joby has previously developed and implemented cybersecurity controls and requirements for connected infotainment, gateway, and telematics ECUs during his tenure at Ford Motor Company. In this role he pioneered state-of-the art security implementations to increase the overall security posture of vehicles and their respective connected systems.

Jennifer A. Dukarski


Butzel Long

Jennifer A. Dukarski is a Shareholder based in Butzel Long's Ann Arbor office, practicing in the areas of intellectual property, media and technology. A former automotive engineer, she focuses her practice at the intersection of technology and communications with an emphasis on the legal issues arising from emerging and disruptive innovation: digital media and content, vehicle safety, connected and autonomous cars, shared mobility, infotainment, data privacy and security. Jennifer leads clients in securing and protecting rights in technology through transactions and litigation. Jennifer was named one of the 30 Women Defining the Future of Technology in January 2020 by Warner Communications for her innovative thoughts and contributions to the tech industry.

Rob Lambert

Principal Security Consultant


Rob has been working in cryptography and security for more than 20 years. His PhD supervisor was the late Scott Vanstone. Rob joined Scott’s Certicom, and was deeply involved with the effort to make elliptic curve cryptography a commercial reality. At Certicom, Rob developed smartcard technology, headed the cryptographic library team, headed a new technology team, managed a hardware team in California producing secure components, lead teams developing products in secure facilities, and delivered secure hardware and firmware to Qualcomm, BlackBerry, GM, Texas Instruments and Zigbee Smart Energy, amongst many other product and consulting engagements. Notable research contributions during that time were the Gallant-Lambert-Vanstone speedup technique, and fast EC verification. After Certicom was acquired by BlackBerry, Rob joined BlackBerry’s Advanced Technology Team and delivered novel solutions for BlackBerry handsets and infrastructure. After BlackBerry, Rob was VP Engineering at a small Waterloo startup which built PKI and NFC technology, during which time he was also technical advisor to the principal investigators of the SCMS, the advanced PKI initiative at CAMP in the US for anonymous but traceable vehicle-to-vehicle messaging. He also spent a little time at a large telecom developing new cloud security initiatives before joining ESCRYPT/ETAS in 2016, where he leads the North American teams performing automotive security consulting (concentrated in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA) and Custom Security Software development (concentrated in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada).



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Vehicle Autonomy and the Future of Cybersecurity
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