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A Leading Edge Perspective on DHW System Design in a Continuously Recirculating World

Start Date:9/15/2021

Start Time:1:00 PM CDT

Duration:60 minutes


Have you ever wondered why a thermostatic mixing valve, in the presence of continuous recirculation, has historically required the support of ancillary temperature control devices like the aquastat?

What defines “digital” temperature control and how does one factually differentiate the technology and performance capabilities of today’s digital mixing valves?

Why is continuous recirculation and digital zoning a best practice for those most concerned with pursuing a healthier hot water system?

This quick and concise visual road trip through the the past, present and future will bring clarity to the journey of digitally controlling the delivery setpoint of domestic hot water systems in the presence of continuous recirculation. Control, monitoring and reporting that can now be achieved from the mechanical room to every point of use.

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Dan W. Tomlinson

Institutional Product Manager

A leap of faith landed Dan in “Hot Water” at Armstrong International in 2014, fulfilling an inside sales role. Prior to that he served in a contrasting hot water role for three decades as a fireman/EMT, fire captain, fire marshal, and fire chief.

In his current role as the Institutional Product Manager he is the factory support liaison for the Armstrong Technical Managers and the North America sales representative network for projects involving domestic hot water generation, precise temperature control, hot water system monitoring and reporting. Dan has achieved an associate degree in Fire Science, and a bachelor’s degree in Management and Organizational Development.

His passion for proactive prevention and problem solving carries on with the pursuit of safer and healthier domestic hot water systems.
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