Viscous Product Processing – a Developer’s Guide to Lab UHT & HTST Processing

On Demand Until July 1, 2022

Duration:60 minutes


Improper R&D processing thick products virtually guarantee failures at the plant.  MicroThermics has extensive experience processing thick products including puddings, cheese sauces, fruit sauces & purées, concentrates, ice creams, cream cheese, and more.  

Successfully processing these products to simulate production depends greatly on how they react to the thermal process. Learn strategies, equipment configurations, and conditions for products that:
  • Are thick in their raw form
  • Thicken as they are heated
  • Thicken as they cool

Includes Demonstration!
We also demonstrate processing a thick product in our lab.  See the information covered in the presentation put to use in a real-life application!


David M. Miles

Executive Vice-President

MicroThermics, Inc.

David Miles is a Penn State grad and the Executive Vice-President of MicroThermics, Inc. MicroThermics, is the world leader in small-scale pasteurization, UHT, HTST, & Aseptic processing. In his 30+ year career with them, David has been hands-on involved in equipment development & design, process design, production, sales, and business management. He has been a pioneer in using continuous thermal processes for R&D to simulate production and for small-scale production. David has extensive experience processing products including juices, concentrates, milk, plant-based milks, yogurts, ice-creams, sauces, puddings, and many others. He has presented at many conferences and, most recently, webinars and is a true believer in MicroThermics' slogan-Always Innovating!


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