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IFCO 2020 - Skill-building workshop for working with and supporting LGBTQ+ youth

Start Date:3/17/2021

Start Time:11:00 AM EDT

Duration:60 minutes


LGBTQ+ youth are often over-represented in foster care systems and frequently face discrimination. Case workers and foster caregivers need supportive resources and educational information about how to support LGBTQ+ foster youth so they can play an active role in promoting their healthy development and well-being.

To address this, we developed a foster parent/case worker training module to support the wellbeing of LGBTQ+youth in care. We will be providing a shortened version of this training during the webinar, along with a link to our full online training
that is freely available to anyone with internet access.

This interactive webinar will provide important information for case workers and caregivers on a variety of key topics, including basic LGBTQ+terminology, accurate information about the experiences of LGBTQ+ youth in care, conversation and acceptance-building strategies, and action steps for creating a safe, accepting environment for LGBTQ+youth in care.

IFCO 2020 Organizing Partners:

International Foster Care Organisation
Child Welfare League of Canada
Youth in Care Canada
Canadian Association of Social Workers
Centre for Research on Children and Families
Canadian Foster Family Association
Équipe de recherche sur le placement et l’adoption

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Kevin Haggerty, MSW, Ph.D.

Kevin Haggerty, MSW, Ph.D., is Director of the Social Development Research Group in the University of Washington School of Social Work (United States) and has over 30 years of experience developing, adapting, and evaluating interventions, as well as working in culturally diverse communities using a community-based participatory process to promote adoption and implementation of evidence-based prevention programs.