How to 100% Tie-Off Safely


Duration:60 minutes


Learn the importance of 100% tie-off and understand the dangers when workers assume they're 100% tied off. We will include an in-depth walk through of three
at-height work scenarios and how to safely navigate movement to maintain 100% tie-off.

  • What is 100% tie-off and why is it important?
  • When and how to properly tie-off while working at height.
  • What to do when 100% tie-off is not possible?
  • What is an acceptable tie-off structure?

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Erica Cole

A Tennessee native, Erica Cole has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in addition to a Master of Science with a focus on Technology Commercialization from McCombs School of Business. Erica has worked as a mechanical design engineer in the oil and gas field for manufacturers like Tenaris and U.S. Steel. She recently followed her passion to save lives and moved to the fall protection industry, accepting a role as Product Manager with Pure Safety Group in 2018. To learn more about Erica catch up with Erica on LinkedIn

Warren Faber

Warren Faber is a product design and development-driven engineer with a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University. Specializing in product design, product development, certification, testing, manufacturing, and compliance, Warren has over six years of fall protection experience as well as extensive experience in consumer goods product development in sporting goods and juvenile industries.



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