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UL 1738 Flue Gas Venting to safeguard against the dangers of carbon monoxide

Start Date:9/29/2020

Start Time:1:00 PM CDT

Duration:45 minutes


System 1738® is the first engineered PVC Flue Gas Venting (FGV) System certified to UL 1738. The safety concern today is in the use of plumbing Solid Wall Schedule 40 or Cell Core DWV pipe and fittings in FGV applications. These products were never intended to be used in FGV applications, but they have been chosen because they are often the least expensive materials available. Simply put, plumbing DWV products are NOT designed to meet the life safety standards of FGV applications. System 1738 is a system consisting of pipe, fittings, termination kits, and cement manufactured to strict quality standards and is intended for flue gas venting.

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Matthew Tucci

Market Development Specialist – Flue Gas Venting


Matthew Tucci is a Market Development Specialist – Flue Gas Venting at IPEX USA LLC. Matthew’s primary focus, within IPEX, is the planning and implementation of market development activities such as educating market stakeholders, participating in FGV Codes & Standards Committees and working with customers. Matthew has previously worked as an Application Engineer providing technical expertise for piping systems in the plumbing and industrial sectors. Matthew received his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Chemical Engineering from Western University and is a certified Engineer-In-Training (EIT) working towards his professional designation
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