Panel Discussion: Anti-Racism and Social Work - Moving from Awareness to Action

Start Date:3/23/2021

Start Time:12:00 PM CDT

Duration:60 minutes


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Webinar Objectives:

A diverse panel of social workers opens discussion regarding racism, its effects, and the role of social workers in mobilizing anti-racism responses.  Panelists will discuss the importance of recognizing biases, raising awareness, facing fears, challenging discrimination and being an ally against racism.

Webinar Key Objectives: 

· Understand current context and effects of racism

· Appreciate the critical role of social workers in combatting racism

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Clayton Sandy, Knowledge Keeper

Clayton Sandy, Knowledge Keeper, is a member of Sioux Valley Dakota First Nation in Southwestern Manitoba. Clayton is a respected elder, cultural advisor and community activist committed to educating the next generation about Indigenous Peoples. As a child and sibling of residential school survivors and one of the many children impacted by the Sixties Scoop, Clayton has a deep understanding of the history and resilience of Indigenous Peoples. Growing up in foster care, Clayton received services from social workers and later dedicated his career to social services, working at CFS during the time of devolution and providing foster care to children through an Indigenous agency for 12 years. Clayton worked for the Government of Manitoba for 39 years and maintains his dedication to his community in his retirement. Clayton has had the opportunity to work from within and with Indigenous leadership and appreciates the difficulties and stresses faced by social workers.

Omar Abdullahi, MSW, RSW

Omar Abdullahi, MSW, RSW fled his homeland of Somalia to Kenya in 1991 after the civil war. He lived in a refugee camp for four years before migrating to Canada in 1995. Through his experiences as a refugee, Omar gained awareness and compassion for others, leading him to consider a career in a helping profession. As a result, he obtained his Bachelor of Social Work degree in 2009 and his Master of Social Work in 2016 from the University of Manitoba with a specialization in leadership, policy, and administration.

Shereen Denetto, MSW, RSW

Shereen Denetto, MSW, RSW is the Director of Family Programs at Mosaic Newcomer Family Resource Network. She has worked in and with refugee and immigrant communities for the past three decades. Shereen has been a sessional instructor at the Faculty of Social Work University of Manitoba co-teaching Policy and Practice with Immigrants and Refugees and Community Development. Shereen has worked in a range of fields including crisis intervention, community development, community-based research, Indigenous-newcomer bridge-building, settlement, violence prevention, sexual health, youth engagement, civic engagement, and anti-racism education. She believes social work is an amazing field where we can work collectively to build a more just and inclusive world.

Kaysi Katchmar, BSW, RSW

Kaysi Katchmar, BSW, RSW My name is Eye of the Storm and I am First Nations Anishinaabe Ikwe. My colonial name is Kaysi Katchmar. A graduate of the University of Manitoba’s Northern Social Work Program, Kaysi has been employed in crisis services and most recently as a school counsellor in Thompson. Kaysi’s opportunities have allowed for connections with youth in remote communities, supporting mental health promotion activities and striving to improve access and enhance mental health services provided and available to youth. In her current position as a school counsellor, Kaysi is also a field placement mentor and coaches’ extracurricular activities for the youth at her school.

Sherri Alexander, BA, BSW, RSW

Sherri Alexander, BSW, BA, RSW has been working as a school counsellor in the School District of Mystery Lake in Thompson since 2007. In 2017 Sherri was honoured with the Homecoming Field Instruction Award from the University of Manitoba for long standing service and promoting social work values and good practice in the province of Manitoba to students, her agency, and the social work community. Sherri’s current workplace, Juniper School, is committed to promoting cultural learning to students in the school environment. Sherri actively participates in this journey with the students, learning both from elders and the students themselves. Sherri is a Teacher Leader for student council; this role includes advocating for youth, helping youth see themselves as change makers and the impact that they have and can have on their school, their community and globally. Through this initiative students are empowered to dream big, take action and make a difference.