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PNC’s Business Resiliency Webcast 

Looking ahead to define what the new normal might mean for your business can be tough to navigate. COVID-19 has undoubtedly brought on new challenges for you as a business owner, as new priorities and customer needs have changed how you run your business.

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A PNC Bank Webcast

Recorded May 19, 2020

Join us for “Business Resiliency in Today’s Economy,” a free webcast featuring a panel of industry experts to provide you with information you can use as you move forward. The speakers will provide valuable insights and an economic outlook for small businesses.

Our panel includes:

Nick Spanakis
Nick Spanakis
Head of Specialty Business Banking
PNC Financial Services Group 
Gus Faucher
Gus Faucher
Chief Economist
PNC Financial Services Group
Dawn Fuchs Coleman
Dawn Fuchs Coleman
Author of Get Your Game F.A.C.E. On
Founder of We Guide, You Grow, LLC

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