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Demonstrating live how PneuCalc software can design and optimize a pneumatic conveying system

Live Event Date:2/18/2021

Time:11:00 AM EST

Duration:60 minutes


Pneumatic conveying systems are used world-wide for a multitude of industrial operations to transport dry bulk solids. The challenge, however, is in designing these systems to be efficient and effective for the type of material it is conveying as there are no set standards or guidelines to build these systems, let alone optimize them. In the field, a pneumatic conveying system is a black box because you can’t see what’s happening inside the pipeline and it can be counterintuitive to troubleshoot.

We want to share with you a solution: PneuCalc 7.0.0. PneuCalc is your ticket into the black box. This software application has all the tools needed to execute calculations, combined with an easy-to-use interface that optimizes design and project workflow.

During this webinar, Jack Hilbert, Hatch’s subject matter expert for pneumatic handling of bulk materials, will present a live conveying system design and upgrade using PneuCalc. This webinar will allow the audience to get familiar with the new features of this software, understand important core design principles, and learn how to make smart design choices. Bring your questions–Jack will answer them during a Q&A session! Participants will receive a promotional code to save 25% on PneuCalc 7.0.0 licenses.

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Moderator: Colin Barbeau

Bulk Materials Handling Specialist


Colin is a self-motivated creative engineer with more than 13 years of experience exclusively in bulk materials handling. His work is results-driven and oriented toward system definition, equipment selection and design, equipment upgrade and rework, conceptual and feasibility studies, layout, and commissioning.

Speaker: Jack Hilbert

Pneumatic Conveying Subject Matter Expert


Jack is a highly accomplished professional with forty-eight years of engineering, project management, and operations experience in the field of pneumatic conveying, bulk materials handling, dust collection, packaging, storage, distribution, terminals, and material processing. Jack has a bachelors and master’s degree in engineering from Penn State University and is a registered professional engineer. He has presented technical papers and conducted workshops and training courses at numerous industry conferences and webinars, as well as in-house training courses directly for companies on a global basis. Jack has been practicing as an independent engineering consultant, specializing in pneumatic conveying of bulk materials since 2004.

Demo: Julien Mathieu-Morel

Bulk Materials Handling Engineer


Julien is a mechanical engineer with more than 5 years of experience at Hatch. Since his beginning, Julien has been actively involved with the Bulk Materials Handling (BMH) specialized technical team. As a member of the group, he has worked on several BMH projects, in which he executed conceptual and feasibility study, as well as designed and refurbished different type of mechanical and pneumatic conveyors and chutes. During his different projects Julien also participated in construction supervision and equipment commissioning, where is technical knowledge allowed to support the contractors in specific tasks and kept the project schedule on track. Julien is a specialist with belt conveyors design software. Lately, Julien worked on critical projects in which he held the position of BMH engineer and he is actively involved in pneumatic conveying project where he works closely with Hatch global subject matter expert.
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