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Historic and Modern LoHi - AARP CO Webinar

Start Date:7/28/2021

Start Time:10:00 AM MDT

Duration:60 minutes


The long-ago city of Highland had turned into just another neighborhood until the modern fad of name shortening roared onto the scene, bringing us the elegant address that is LoHi, the diminutive form of Lower Highland. Within its downtown views and dining divas, there are three historic districts. It’s time to hit the pavement to see how well the locals are blending the stone walls and stories from the olden days with the shine of steel and adequate (or not) parking. There’s a lot to see and share, and we’re sure you’ll want to linger in LoHi! *LoHi is a neighborhood in Denver, CO

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Kevin Snow

Kevin Snow started his career as an ESL teacher. The last school he taught at worked with adult immigrants from more than seventy countries around the world. He began to show them around Denver, introducing them to their new homes, sharing his interest in history. When that school closed, he decided to continue as a tour guide, running Denver History Tours and now Treasure Box Tours. Today, Kevin leads tours around the metro area, the state and region, as well as two (so far!) trips out of the country. He may grow up one day, but for now there's too much fun to be had on the sidewalks (in person or electronically) of the city.

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