Child in Care “Hard Talks” 2021

Start Date:11/3/2021

Start Time:12:00 PM ADT

Duration:60 minutes


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In our presentation, we plan on introducing ourselves and our connection to children and youth in care. We will open our presentation with an exercise called “Your Inner Circle”. This is an interactive exercise where we will be asking the participants to identify people who are in their “Inner Circle” with four main questions and comparing those answers to the answers of a Youth in Care. This will highlight the extreme differences between a Youth in Cares “Inner Circle” and the participants “Inner Circle”. The objective is to create awareness and educate the participants on what it is like for a youth to grow up in the Provincial care system.

We will then transition into our second exercise called “Hard Talks”. The objective is to create awareness and educate the participants on the impact of living in the care system in New Brunswick. We will be presenting the information through two small skits that highlight older child adoption and the need for foster/adoptive homes.

Our hope is for the participants to see the value in collaborating with other community stakeholders to increase the awareness, supports, and education needed to allow each child and youth a successful transition into their healing journey. We want others to understand their own professional roles and the impact they can have on the children and youth and the benefits of being trauma-informed. 

Webinar Objectives
- To create awareness and educate participants on what it is like for a youth to grow up in care. 
- To highlight the ongoing importance and need for foster homes. 
- To encourage stakeholder collaboration to increase the awareness, supports, and education needed to best support children and youth. 
- To encourage participants to understand their professional roles, how they impact children and youth, and to encourage the use of trauma-informed practice.

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Zoe Bourgeois, RSW


Zoe Bourgeois is the Program Coordinator/Social worker of the New Brunswick Youth in Care Network (NBYICN). The NBYICN seeks to develop a sense of belonging and a spirit of leadership in youth who find themselves in the provincial care system in NB. Zoe was adopted at 15 years’ old which allows for her personal experience in the care system to be a voice for children and youth in care. Zoe has been advocating for the needs and changes for children and youth for 16 years.

Kim Driscoll

New Brunswick Adoption Support Network Coordinator for the New Brunswick Adoption Foundation (NBAF)

Kim Driscoll is the Adoption Support Network Coordinator for Central New Brunswick. She is an adoptive mom of a former child in care who struggles with a variety of complex mental health issues due to experiencing trauma throughout is young life. Her son finally found his forever home after nine failed transitions of placements by the age of 5 years old. Kim’s personal experience raising a child of trauma, partnered with her education in human services, and her role as Coordinator with NBAF, makes her ability to facilitate peer to peer connections and support for her adoption community very effective. The mission of the NBAF is to promote and facilitate, through advocacy, the adoption of children and youth in the permanent care of the New Brunswick government while encouraging partnerships with organization that share similar goals and objectives.