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Title: Data Science Leadership Exchange: Best Practices for Driving Outcomes

Date: 8/25/2020

Time: 9:00 AM PDT

Duration: 60 minutes


Despite an increasing awareness of the role data science plays in successful business outcomes, data science leaders still struggle to organize, implement and communicate effective data science initiatives. 

Join “Data Science Leadership Exchange: Best Practices for Driving Outcomes,” and gain advice on optimizing your data management strategies. In this latest Data Science Central webinar, some of the industry’s best and brightest from Bayer, S&P Global and Transamerica will be presenting their insights and experiences. 

Sponsored by Domino Data Lab, our distinguished group of panelists will discuss:
  • The pros and cons of different data science organizational structures
  • Best practices across each phase of the data science lifecycle, from model ideation through production models ops and ongoing model management
  • Firsthand success stories — and answers to your questions

Brian Loyal, Cloud Analytics Lead - Bayer Crop Science
Patrick Harrison
, Director of AI Engineering - S&P Global
Matt Cornett, Director of Data Science - Transamerica

Hosted by: 
Bill Vorhies, Editorial Contributor - Data Science Central

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