Introducing MAIOR – Transit Scheduling Suite

Start Date:3/31/2020

Start Time:2:00 PM EDT

Duration:60 minutes


As a public transportation provider, you have a responsibility to deliver efficient, reliable service to your riders. In doing that you likely have to answer to a union whose job it is to look out for operators and a board whose job it is to ensure you’re controlling costs and spending funds wisely. MAIOR Scheduling Solutions are designed to simplify your planning, optimize your vehicle and operator scheduling, address real-time service changes and most importantly help you control your costs.

Four powerful optimization algorithms do all the work for you so you can deliver efficient service as cost- effectively as possible.

• Automatically generate trips that consider available vehicles, passenger counts and desired headways
• Automatically create a schedule that considers all deadheads, recovery times and interlining rules
• Cut vehicles blocks into the fewest driver runs necessary to deliver your desired service
• Balance the workload among your operators while minimizing overtime and controlling costs

Our solution helps you adhere to strict union rules, control overtime costs and react in real-time to those unplanned changes like driver call-outs and vehicle breakdowns.

Join our webcast and learn more about how MAIOR can simplify your planning and scheduling and reduce your costs across the board.

Disclaimer: This webcast is intended only for public transportation agencies and their representatives. Attendance is at the sole discretion of Clever Devices. Those with personal emails will not be permitted to join.

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