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SOSA and VITA: Enabling Open Standards for Improved Capability

Start Date:6/24/2020

Start Time:2:00 PM EDT

Duration:60 minutes


Elements of the Sensor Open System Architecture (SOSA) technical standard are leveraging standards developed by the VITA Standards Organization, specifically VITA 65, also known as OpenVPX. VITA has also become a participating member of the SOSA Consortium along with the Air Force, Army, and Navy. This harmonization between the services, industry, and industry standardization bodies helps drive the SOSA initiative’s strong momentum within the defense community. This webcast will cover how the SOSA Consortium is working with VITA to enable standardization of VITA-based standards within the SOSA Technical Standard.

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Rodger Hosking

Rodger Hosking, Vice-President and Co-founder, Pentek, Inc
Rodger H. Hosking is vice-president and co-founder of Pentek, Inc. where he is responsible for new product definition, technology development and strategic alliances. With over 30 years in the electronics industry, he has authored hundreds of articles and has delivered thousands of technical presentations focused on radar, communications, software radio and digital signal processing. Rodger holds patents in frequency synthesis and spectrum analysis techniques, and a BS degree in Physics from Allegheny College and BSEE and MSEE degrees from Columbia University in New York.

Noah Donaldson

Noah Donaldson, Chief Technology Officer, Annapolis Micro Systems
Noah Donaldson is Chief Technology Officer at Annapolis Micro Systems. He earned a BS in Physics from Carnegie Mellon University. In 1995, Noah started at Annapolis as an intern. Eventually, he worked on high-performance FPGA boards and mezzanine cards, developing some of the first greater than 1.0GSps multichannel synchronous digital receivers. Today, Noah oversees all product development and business development for Annapolis.

Michael Walmsley

Michael Walmsley, Global Product Manager - Aerospace and Defense TE Connectivity
Michael Walmsley is a Global Product Manager in the Aerospace, Defense and Marine business unit. With a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rochester, and an MBA from Penn State University, he has over 35 years’ experience with interconnects primarily in engineering and product management roles. His areas of expertise include interconnect solutions for embedding computing, rugged high-speed board level and RF Connectors. Michael is also a member of the VITA Board of Directors, which drives technology and standards for the bus and board industry.

John Orlando

John Orlando, CEO and Co-Founder, Epiq Solutions
John has spent the last 22 years in the wireless industry developing software defined radio systems and solutions to support mission-critical use cases in an evolving wireless landscape. Since co-founding Epiq Solutions in 2009, John has been responsible for setting the vision and direction of the company, working with both customers and Epiq's engineering team to become a premiere solution provider in both software defined radio as well as complete turnkey RF sensing solutions. John graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, and an MS in Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

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