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Presented by Brad Sommerfeld

B2B Enterprise Payments and eCommerce, Fiserv


Featuring Nicole Baranov

Solution Owner Receivables, Treasury & Working Capital Management, SAP


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Fiserv is supporting enterprise clients navigating coronavirus triggered challenges and digital transformation at an

accelerated pace. To keep us connected and offer an opportunity to hear from your industry peers, we invite you

to view this event as part of a series of on­ demand webinars with Fiserv experts and industry thought leaders.


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Time: Approximately 20 Minutes


Moving money and information between businesses digitally, securely and seamlessly is more important than

ever. B2B payments, the last frontier of digitalization in the US, are accelerating in times of crisis while solving a

series of challenges that businesses are currently facing:



  • Customer service disruption

  • Online payment acceptance and disbursement

  • Digital self-service with real-time ERP integration

  • Supplier PO management and payments

  • Security and compliance


Learn how advancements in digital, streamlined B2B payments can help your business get paid faster, digitally,

and securely – when your business depends on it most. And hear how integration on the SAP S/4 and

Digital Payments Add-On help your business with automation, compliance, and managing payments.


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