Convene: The Future of TV Measurement 

Date December 9, 2021
Time: 12:00pm ET





Nielsen’s grip on the $70 billion linear TV market is loosening, and it’s opening the field for competitors to change how TV is planned, transacted and measured. This has massive implications for both sides of the marketplace. Join us for Convene: The Future of TV Measurement to unpack the evolution happening in the marketplace and walk away with tangible insights to help you plan your future measurement strategy ahead of next year’s upfronts.

Session 1:  Beyond Nielsen: What’s next for TV?

Without Nielsen’s monopoly, the pool is opening for a broad array of measurement frameworks and currencies. There’s a slew of new vendors hitting the market looking for a piece of the $70 billion TV market. This panel will explore the different ways TV can be bought and measured beyond Nielsen ages and demos, explore different solutions in the market and offer case studies and examples to help you form your strategy.

Scott Ensign

VP of Strategy and Partnerships

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Kelly Metz

Managing Director, Advanced TV Activation
Omnicom Media Group

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Kelly Abcarian

EVP of measurement and impact

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Session 2: Attention measurement: The next frontier?

As the industry moves away from Nielsen age and gender demos, conversations are heating up about attention metrics. These promise brands to reveal not just who is watching TV, but quantify ad spend based on who is paying attention. Are attention metrics the future? What are the challenges and opportunities? Join us at this session to unpack this emerging space.

Joanne Leong

VP, Global Media Partnerships

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Andrea Zapata

Head of Research, Data and Insights
WarnerMedia Ad Sales

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Diana Horowitz

SVP, Advertising Sales

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Session 3: Cross-screen: What does it really mean?

Viewership is moving quickly to streaming, and advertising opportunities are growing. How can brands effectively advertise on CTV and measure performance in an integrated way with linear, as well as the rest of their digital ad spend? How is the promise of cross-screen attribution reshaping agency buying and planning teams? What do talent agencies need to be successful in this marketplace moving forward?

Justin Rosen

SVP of Data & Insights

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Joe Doran

Chief Product Officer

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Lindsay Fordham

VP of Product

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Seema Patel

SVP, Data Partnerships

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