Starting - and Scaling - Functional Test Automation to Keep up with Fast-Paced Delivery

Start Date:12/10/2020

Start Time:2:00 PM EST

Duration:120 minutes

This TechWell workshop is scheduled for 2 hours. TechWell Workshops are hands-on deep dives into popular topics led by industry experts. In-person attendance is highly encouraged due to the format of this workshop. On demand viewing will not be available.


As application development cycles continue to accelerate, teams must be lightning-fast when it comes to asserting and ensuring software quality. Approaches to testing are numerous and evolving quickly: shift-left, AI and ML, low-code, democratization - the list goes on. It’s difficult to make sense of where to start, and how to prioritize it all.

During this time of transformation, testing can become a bottleneck in rapid development lifecycles, but teams don’t need to sacrifice quality for speed. In this workshop, you’ll create an automated testing strategy for a fast-paced development cycle. Throughout this session, you will:

  • Break down a test scenario in automated testing
  • Map and identify testing gaps across your automated pipelines
  • Build an actionable plan to create a culture of quality across your team
If your team is getting started with test automation, this workshop will give you strategies and actionable tips to start - and scale - quickly.

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Darrel Farris

Solutions Architect


Darrel Farris is a Solutions Architect at mabl, an intelligent test automation company. Prior to mabl, he spent much of his career working across a variety of roles within product delivery, often focused on aspects of quality and testing. His diverse technical experience and upbeat personality make him an engaging, compelling coach with a focus on nurturing good testing practices. In his free time, Darrel enjoys papercraft, tinkering with the insides of pianos, photography, and niche fragrances.

Mary Kate Morrison

Customer Success Manager


Mary Kate works closely with our customers to ensure they are successful in adopting mabl within their organization. Her experience leading implementation, support, and customer success organizations at growth software companies makes her well-suited to understand customers’ needs and drive them to solutions. She loves problem-solving, helping others, and giving customers 'aha' moments throughout the technology lifecycle.

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