Predictive Maintenance: Don’t Miss Smart Ways to Save at Your Plant


Duration:60 minutes


The machines in your plant have a treasure trove of information about how you can operate more efficiently. Don’t miss out on the latest tools to unlock that data so you can save—both time and the expense of a breakdown. You have complex operational issues to solve, but your monitoring and analysis tools should be simple to use.

Gain some clarity on the technologies to get your data working for you—whether you’re just looking to add more sensors and monitoring, or you’ve been crunching data for a while and want to move to a new level of efficiency. Come learn about the latest developments that pack a strong ROI: edge health monitoring and advanced analytics with machine learning, augmented reality and virtual collaboration. You’ll find out how to choose the right blend of solutions for your operation to reap big data’s benefits and prevent catastrophic failures.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Want a better understanding of edge monitoring? Here’s how it works through the cloud and on the floor.
  2. Augmented reality sounds futuristic, right? Simple-to-use virtual collaboration tools are available today to train operators and improve uptime.
  3. Imagine being able to PREDICT and PREVENT failure in real time. Recognize when your machines and processes are acting abnormally and understand the root cause.
  4. If you do suffer a breakdown, you need the fastest way to get back online. See virtual collaboration tools in action to rapidly diagnose problems and connect experts and operators anywhere, anytime.


Erik Ashmore

L3 Solutions Architect, Marketing and Business Development


Erik Ashmore is a Level 3 Solutions Architect for Emerson’s Process Systems and Solutions business. His primary focus is supporting customers in their understanding of how Emerson’s extensive portfolio of technologies and solutions can help them solve their greatest challenges and help them achieve success in digitally transforming the way they operate and maintain their facilities.

Vibhoosh Gupta

Product Portfolio Leader


Vibhoosh Gupta is an industrial automation product portfolio leader for Emerson’s machine automation solutions business unit and manages its portfolio of control system, operator interface, industrial PC, and Industrial IoT software and hardware products for industrial automation. He is helping to usher in a new era of industrial edge solutions to bring connectivity and optimized controls to the world’s industrial assets.

Stephen Mozia

Plantweb Digital Ecosystem Business Development Leader


Stephen Mozia is a Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer who is focused on supporting companies as they embark on their digital transformation journeys. As a Business Development Leader for Plantweb Solutions, Stephen supports sales and solution architecting IoT software, Analytics, and Augment Reality solutions inside Emerson’s Plantweb Digital Ecosystem.

Jorge Pena

Sr. Manager, Advanced Analytics Business Development


Jorge Peña is an Aerospace and Citizen Data Science Engineer supporting Emerson Automation Solutions end-users with advanced analytics (AI and ML), predictive, and prescriptive capabilities while delivering actionable intelligence and insights. Through cutting edge technologies, Jorge is continuously sharpening his knowledge of disruptive technologies, mainly on how it influences society to generate value in improving business outcomes and process improvements.



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