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Accelerating Avionics Design & Testing through FACE Conformance: An Integrated Model by Boeing, US Army & Aerospace Leaders

Start Date:12/10/2020

Start Time:2:00 PM EST

Duration:60 minutes


Pre-integrated, commercially developed software that adheres to industry safety and technology standards will dramatically accelerate the design, development and testing of next generation avionics. Open APIs defined by The Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) Technical Standard now enable rapid integration of software from both industry and government, reducing risk and accelerating time-to-deployment.

Boeing, in partnership with the US Army, AdaCore, CoreAVI, Presagis and Real-Time Innovations (RTI), will demonstrate an integrated FACE Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) solution stack covering cockpit displays, graphics systems and data transport connectivity. This stack enables high mission capability using the world’s latest and most advanced avionics technologies designed to accelerate RTCA DO-178C DAL A safety certification and FACE conformance.

The webinar will feature a presentation of a FACE Technical Standard Edition 2.1 aligned avionics Flight Deck that is integrated with the following technologies: Boeing Geospatial Embedded Mapping Software (GEMS), Boeing User Experience (UX) Flight Deck framework, US Army CCDC AvMC Crew Mission Systems (CMS) User Applications / UoPs, AdaCore's GNAT Pro Ada Development Environment, CoreAVI Vulkan-based Graphics and Compute Drivers and temperature-screened AMD E9171 GPU,PRESAGIS’ ARINC-661 Cockpit Display System, and RTI FACE conformant Transport Services Segment (TSS) based upon RTI Connext® DDS.

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Chip Downing

Senior Market Development Director, Aerospace & Defense

Real-Time Innovations, Inc, (RTI)

Chip Downing is the Senior Market Development Director of Aerospace and Defense at Real-Time Innovations (RTI). In this position he manages RTI’s global aerospace and defense business and helps drive the RTI Connext product, now used in over 1,500 global systems, into the commercial and military aerospace market. Mr. Downing currently serves as the VP, Ecosystem of the DDS Foundation, where he is tasked with growing the sphere of influence of the OMG DDS standard with organizations that have companion specifications. In addition, he also serves as the Chair of the FACE Consortium BWG Outreach Subcommittee, promoting the FACE approach globally. A veteran of the embedded systems industry and an innovator for creating COTS safety certification for commercial RTOSs, he previously served as Senior Director of Aerospace & Defense at Wind River Systems, where he was responsible for the business development of the company’s global A&D markets. During his 14-year Wind River tenure, design wins grew for certified avionics products grew to more than 500 projects. Mr. Downing has also led sales, marketing, and consulting organizations at Esterel Technologies (now Ansys), Validated Software, OnCore Systems, and Mentor Graphics (now Siemens). Mr. Downing has also led sales, marketing, and consulting organizations at Wind River, Esterel Technologies (now Ansys), Validated Software, OnCore Systems, and Mentor Graphics (now Siemens).

Christopher J. Edwards


Christopher J. Edwards has been working in the avionics industry for 25 years, primarily on cockpit systems for military aircraft. In those years, he has served in leadership roles in Software, Requirements, System Design, PVI development, Qualification Testing, and Project Management. Mr. Edwards has been the primary author of the FACE Conformance Certification Guide and the Problem Report/Change Request (PR/CR) Process and a contributor to several other documents in both the Technical Working Group (TWG) and Business Working Group (BWG). Mr. Edwards currently serves as a co-lead of the FACE TWG Conformance Verification Matrix Subcommittee, a co-lead on the FACE EA PR/CR Process, the facilitator of the FACE Verification Authority Community of Practice and is the Systems Engineering Lead for UH-60M Crew Mission Station CMS and related projects.

Dr. Benjamin Brosgol


Dr. Benjamin Brosgol is a member of the senior technical staff at AdaCore. He has been involved with programming language design and implementation throughout his career, concentrating on languages and technologies for high-integrity systems, with a focus on Ada and safety certification (DO-178B/C). Dr. Brosgol has been an active member of the Operating System Subcommittee of the FACE Technical Work Group (TWG) since 2017 and is currently Vice Chair of the TWG. He has participated in the development of the IDL-to-Ada mapping, has been a major contributor to the definition of the Ada 2012 capability sets, and was the principal author of the paper Ada Language Run-Times and the FACE™ Technical Standard: Achieving Application Portability and Reliability, which was presented at the September 2018 Army TIM in Huntsville, AL, and the author of Verifying High-Assurance FACE™ Components with Ada and SPARK: Combining Formal Methods and Testing, which was presented at the September 2019 Air Force TIM in Dayton, OH. Dr. Brosgol holds a BA in Mathematics (with honors) from Amherst College, and MS and PhD degrees in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University.

Matt Jackson

Technical Product Manager


Matt Jackson is the Technical Product Manager for HMI Systems at PRESAGIS. He has worked in embedded hardware and software development for over 25 years specializing in HMI systems and real time graphics. He has worked on multiple Fast Jet, Helicopter and Civilian Aircraft cockpit display programs. His involvement in these programs has covered from concept to deployment working alongside Human Factors, Software Development and Systems teams. Matt has been involved in ARINC 661 development programs for the past 11 years with special focus on touch screen interfaces and is an active member of the committee.

Marc Moody

Technical Fellow


Marc Moody is a Boeing Technical Fellow, and Chief Engineer representing the AvionX Controls and Displays team, and the Attack Mission Systems Graphics and Geospatial software teams. Marc is a co-inventor of the Geospatial Embedded Mapping Software (GEMS), an industry leading real-time embedded commercial software digital map product. As a Technical Fellow, Marc supports Boeing Research, Defense and Commercial programs, as an advisor, and system architect for displays and graphics subsystems. Marc is the co-chairman of the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Graphics committee, and is a contributing member of the ARINC-661 Cockpit Display System, and Khronos Group open standards committees.

Mike Pyne



Mike’s role as Director Strategic Accounts & Solutions Architect at CoreAVI allows him to bring together the rapidly evolving world of “open” software infrastructures with the safety critical requirements of both manned, pilot assisted, and autonomous platforms. Mike has over 40 years of experience in Defense and Aerospace markets. Previously, as an engineering fellow with Honeywell, Mike developed cockpit architectures and systems for a variety of airborne defense platforms like the F-15, F-16, F/A-18, C-130, OH-58D, CH-47, and the V-22. Mike’s focus on all of these platforms was in using open system architectures for high reliability/mission critical roles in rugged military environments.

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