How Can Thermal Cameras Improve Automatic Emergency Braking and Save Lives?


Duration:60 minutes


The GHSA estimates there were 6,200 pedestrians killed in traffic accidents during 2018, the highest total since 1990, with nighttime accidents accounting for more than 90 percent of the deaths. To solve this problem, automotive researchers and developers must consider multi-sensing solutions with layered levels of protection to ensure safety in all common driving situations. Thermal imaging, or the ability to passively detect and process infrared heat energy, requires no visible light to operate, providing an extra layer of data effective in seeing through fog, smoke, direct sun glare, inclement weather and at night.

Learn how:

  • Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) or anti-collision systems are helping reduce automobile accidents
  • Current AEB systems have limitations caused by darkness, glare and reduced visibility due to weather conditions
  • Initial tests have demonstrated that with their ability to see through smoke, fog, darkness and sun glare, FLIR thermal cameras compliment the current AEB sensor suite

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Chris Posch

Chris Posch has over fifteen years of experience at FLIR Systems Inc. creating thermal imaging cameras for numerous markets. He is currently the Director of Engineering for Automotive products at FLIR where he is focused on working with automotive engineers and developers to deploy and test thermal sensors in ADAS and autonomous vehicle platforms. Prior to directing engineering, he was the Director of Application Engineering where he worked across the FLIR OEM thermal camera product line, running a team that interfaced directly with integrators to develop new and innovative OEM products with FLIR cameras. His breadth in engineering disciplines and business development have resulted several volume-production products. He holds a B.S from UC Irvine, a M.S from Oregon Science and Engineering and a PMP certificate from UC Santa Cruz.



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