Reducing the “Stress” in Membrane Crack Isolation Testing


Duration:60 minutes


Trinseo offers a portfolio of latex products designed specifically to meet membrane barrier performance requirements for Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) and waterproofing. Two primary performance standards for waterproof membranes are ANSI 118.10 Hydrostatic Pressure Test (J-tube), and ANSI 118.12 Crack Isolation Test.

The ANSI 118.12 Crack Isolation Test requires large, specialized equipment, limiting its usefulness as a development tool. Trinseo has developed a novel crack isolation test method that utilizes standard construction materials and lab equipment; employs multiple test specimens; and generates stress-strain data to predict membrane performance.

Webinar participants will benefit from the following information:

  • Trinseo’s capabilities and products designed for barrier membranes
  • Key requirements and methods for waterproof membranes
  • An efficient Crack Isolation Test Method

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Chuck Fifelski

Technical Service & Development Specialist


Chuck Fifelski is a senior Technical Service & Development Specialist at Trinseo with over 35 years of experience in synthetic latex technology. He has been instrumental in developing and commercializing new products for the construction and adhesive and sealant markets; and is recognized for his excellence in customer support. His chemical engineering background and leadership experience have been the foundation for establishing new latex products and technology worldwide.

Mike Christy

Technical Service and Development Specialist


Mike Christy is a Technical Service and Development Specialist for Trinseo’s Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, and Elastomers (CASE) team. His focus is on advancing synthetic latex in construction applications, polymer development, customer support, and exploring and entering new markets to grow the business. Mike has over 11 years of experience in the specialty chemical industry, covering a broad range of applications and chemistries, and he is Trinseo’s primary technical contact for construction applications for North America.



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