Machine Vision Trends: Thinking Beyond the Camera


Duration:30 minutes


The technological success of the digital camera has brought attention to all the other technological challenges of vision. From user interaction, troubleshooting, configuration, environmental, data management, software, speed of delivery, future-proofing and others. While some of these opportunities have been slower to transform, others have seen rapid progress like storage capacity and deep learning, opening up many new opportunities for systems to improve and deliver more value for customers. 

This webcast will explore ways of driving value for organizations with vision in an environment with inexpensive and readily available hardware.

  • How commoditized hardware is changing the machine vision market
  • How advancements in technology and lower costs of hardware can translate to better value in vision systems
  • What the most key technological developments are to focus on for improving value in a machine vision application

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Tom Brennan

Tom Brennan is president and founder of Artemis Vision, which builds repeatable, tested vision systems for automated inspection and quality control. An AIA Advanced Level Certified Vision Professional, he has been working in the industrial machine vision and imaging processing software market for the past ten years. He has successfully delivered numerous industrial machine vision systems for industries from medical to automotive to defense. Tom got his start in the vision industry designing machine vision vehicle detection algorithms as a research effort for the DARPA Urban Challenge, and holds a BSE in Computer Science from Princeton University.


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Machine Vision Trends: Thinking Beyond the Camera
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