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I am vaccinated, what´s next?

Start Date:07/09/2021 

Start Time:15:00 CET

Duration:40 minutes


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a lot of questions around how the immune system works and how to support it with nutrition. While vaccines work by driving our immune response against the pathogen, a lot of its prevention strategy also depends on our own natural immunity. The efficiency of our immune system also determines how fast or good a vaccine works on us. Hence, just like we have been doing during the pandemic, we should also take earnest steps to keep our immunity up. Certain circumstances such as old age, stress or an inadequate diet affect the immune system's ability to react, making us more susceptible to infections.

One of the most studied effects on probiotic bacteria is boosting effect in immune response that is shown in a reduction of the incidence of infections, less severity, better response to vaccines, etc.

Discover the potential of probiotics to improve the immune response through this webinar.

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Monica Olivares Martin

R&D Director

Biosearch Life

Dr. Mónica Olivares Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Granada (Spain). Performs doctoral thesis on molecular biology in a research center of the Spanish National Research Council (Spanish: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, CSIC). In 2001, she joined the Research Department of Biosearch Life and is currently R&D Director of the company. She is specialized in probiotic strains isolated from human milk and author of more than 40 scientific publications related with probiotics. Especially noteworthy the studies related to the application of probiotic strains in the treatment and prevention of lactational mastitis as well as babies studies showing the benefits of probiotic strains naturally present in breast milk. She is also listed as inventor in four patents about probiotics.

Ruth Blanco Rojo

Head of Clinical Research

Biosearch Life

Dr. Ruth Blanco-Rojo, PhD in Nutritional Sciences (2012), Degree in Food Science and Technology (2007) and Diploma in Human Nutrition and Dietetics (2005) by the University Complutense of Madrid. In 2019 she joined the Research Department of Biosearch Life and she is currently the Head of Clinical Trials Unit of the company. She is specialized in the evaluation of the potential health effects of nutraceuticals through the design, management, monitoring and data analysis of clinical trials in humans. She has accumulated more than 10 years of experience working as a researcher in high rank Research Institutions in Spain, USA and UK, and she is author of more than 30 scientific articles in high-impact factor journals, 4 Book Chapters, and several scientific and technical documents.

Sara González Rodríguez

Development Deputy Director

Biosearch Life

Sara González, Degree in Pharmacy and Degree in Food Science and Technology from the University of Granada where she also carried out the thesis of bachelor's degree. In 1997 she joined Puleva (now Lactalis) in the R&D Department specializing in functional fermented products. In 2000, it expanded its competencies to the development of functional foods by incorporating various ingredients such as lipids, probiotics and functional extracts on different matrices. She is currently the deputy director of development at Biosearch. She is a specialist in functional food development and responsible for dozens of pioneering developments in its segments such as milk with omega 3, fermented milks with probiotics from breast milk, functional milks adapted according to target as well as products for clinical nutrition.

Katherine Durrell

Platform Editor

CNS Media

Katherine is Platform Editor for CNS Media, which includes and Her MA in Linguistics has given her a keen sense of the power of language, which she enjoys putting to use in concise and interesting articles about the nutritional and F&B arenas.

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