Application Delivery Foundation for z/OS 3.2: come feast from the smorgasbord - Part 1

Start Date:11/14/2019

Start Time:10:00 AM CST

Duration:45 minutes


Application Delivery Foundation for z/OS 3.2 serves up a smorgasbord so laden with developer and systems programmer delights that we can't cover everything in one session. To have a taste of the latest analyze, code, build, test, debug, and code coverage cornucopia, please register for the November 14 session. And for the next course, on November 20, we will serve the latest file management, abend analysis, and performance analysis specialties.

If you're already registered for the Application Delivery Foundation for z/OS 3.2: come feast from the smorgasbord - Part 1 webcast, click below:



Bill Alexander

Bill Alexander has over 25 years of experience in mainframe application development. Before joining IBM, Bill developed and supported COBOL batch and CICS applications for MetLife and Bank of America. Since joining IBM he has been involved in the design and development of various middleware and tooling products. Currently Bill is a Senior Architect on the DevOps for Enterprise Systems team and Product Owner for IBM Developer for z/OS. Bill holds multiple patents and can often be found presenting at various conferences regarding methods to increase the productivity of mainframe application developers.

Francisco Anaya

IBM Application Delivery Foundation for z Systems Architect


Francisco Anaya is a Senior Software Engineer and currently the architect for the IBM Application Delivery Foundation for z Systems. With more than 30 years with IBM, and most of them dedicated to debug technology. Francisco was part of the development team that delivered the first “cooperative debugger”, the first attempt to provide a solution that split processing between the client (workstation running OS/2) and the operating system (MVS at the time). Francisco is currently one of the Chief Architects for IBM Application Delivery Foundation for z Systems, a foundation for DevOPS at IBM.

Alisa Morse

Offering Manager


Alisa Morse serves as offering manager for DevOps for Enterprise Systems portfolio products and solutions including IBM Developer for z/OS and IBM Debug for z/OS. She is responsible for driving DevOps for Enterprise Systems offering strategy to meet the needs of Z software delivery teams. Alisa started her career in VTAM development, and has held development and offering management positions in products that include IBM Personal Communications, IBM Communication Server, IBM Rational Host Access Transformation Services, and IBM Z Development and Test Environment.

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