7 Things You’re Likely Missing to Win with Water Tracking


Duration:60 minutes


Water is one of the most critical resources in your manufacturing process—as an ingredient, for cleaning and as waste. Did you know you may be missing areas to monitor that could help your bottom line? Find out how some simple additions to what you’re monitoring can cut downtime, boost efficiency and reduce waste. Some extra analysis makes a huge difference in your water savings!

 Take away actionable tips on these often-overlooked topics:

  • Learn how water analysis helps you manage energy, chemical and manpower resources
  • Use water monitoring as a tool stay ahead of the competition
  • Don’t miss new and novel analysis methods to protect your assets and product
  • Stay up to date on new technology to ensure safe production and products that uphold brand standards
  • Take advantage of end-to-end remote solutions to stay informed no matter the hour


Ted Holt

Food & Beverage Key Account Manager

For over 15 years, Ted Holt has helped industries mitigate issues with water. Graduating from the University of Utah in Mechanical Engineering in 2005, he undertook a position as a Water Treatment Engineer for Industrial Solutions, Inc. There he specialized in the design and implementation of chemical treatment for Utilities Systems: water purification, boilers, cooling towers, etc.

In 2012, Ted joined Hach, the global leader in water analytics. At Hach, he expanded his water expertise by focusing on processing and waste treatment. Starting in 2015, Ted was tapped to lead Hach’s Food & Dairy Key Account Program in North America. He now concentrates on expanding water solutions to food and beverage production sites with emphasis on product loss reduction, waste treatment optimization, and ensuring environmental compliance.

Patrick Walsh

Application Development Manager

Patrick Walsh is currently an Application Development Manager at Hach who partners with clients to optimize and overcome environmental challenges in water and wastewater treatment. He has served the food and beverage industry for over 20 years and has held several key roles working with some of the most influential and environmentally focused companies in North America.

He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from The University of Tennessee and lives in the Knoxville area.


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