EmpowerCM 2021

June 10, 2021 11:00am – 6:00pm EST


IFF Health and our HOWARU® probiotics brand are proud to sponsor an elite virtual summit exclusively for co-manufacturers. Co-mans have a great responsibility to bring the highest quality products to consumers.

Here we will Empower you with presentations covering:

  • Consumer Trends: Discover the most sought-after future formats and applications – featuring flavor and taste!
  • Science: Let’s talk strains, claims and studies. Have you ever wanted to know what determines “good” clinical data?
  • Microbiome intelligence: Explore the clinical sense of the microbiome & its role in common chronic disorders and connectivity to all life stages of a consumer. 
  • Brand positioning: Discover elite strategies to successfully target emerging brands and categories including regulatory claims, marketing, manufacturing and more!
  • Next-generation formulas: IFF Health combines science and creativity. Learn about the expansive market growth of botanicals and combo formulations that will redefine the industry and your brand. We are combining our microbiome and natural health ingredients capabilities into innovative health and wellness solutions.
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