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7.15 Axonius - Managing Cloud Device Sprawl

Start Date:7/15/2020

Start Time:2:00 PM EDT

Duration:30 minutes


The great thing about building out the cloud is that it is generally fast and easy. Take virtual machines as an example. They are easy to create. You can build it once and replicate it multiple times. They are relatively inexpensive, and you don’t need to be in the IT department to launch a new server. The bad thing about VMs is that you don’t need to be in IT to launch them. People forget to decommission them when they’re done, and they can be a security vulnerability. The same can be said for launching a variety of cloud instances and S3 buckets. Quick, easy and potentially insecure. Ironically, managing server sprawl was much easier when you could actually see the servers.

This 20/20 webcast looks at how IT departments can better manage not only cloud device sprawl, but all kinds of virtual devices that can store data and have assigned IP addresses. So, whether you’re firing up a virtual server, a new cloud instance or cloud-based storage device, you can control the building and decommissioning of virtual machines, wherever they might be.

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Dan Trauner

Director of Security at Axonius


Daniel Trauner is the Director of Security at Axonius – a cybersecurity asset management company – where he leads the implementation of security and IT practices for a distributed and rapidly growing team. Previously, he was the Director of Platform Security at Bugcrowd, where he worked with (and was sometimes a part of) the thousands of security researchers worldwide who collectively attempt to understand, break, and fix anything that companies will let them. Growing up, he was always the kid who had more fun knocking down Lego towers than actually building them. Outside of security, Daniel enjoys reading, writing, collecting art, and trying to solve problems that others consider to be Kobayashi Maru scenarios.
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