1/22/2020 at 10:00 AM CST

Complete your Windows 10 upgrade with Logitech

Would you buy a new sports car and drive off the lot with old tires? Of course not, with high-performance tools from Logitech, you can do more with Windows 10.

On this episode of On the Air we will explore how organizations making the transition to Windows 10 should consider the impact upgrading the entire desktop and how it will unleash new levels of productivity with the right tools.

Logitech intelligent webcams, high-quality headsets, multi-device keyboards, and all-terrain mice are all certified for Windows 10, giving you the perfect opportunity to achieve a host of benefits we will explore:

  • Boosting productivity by giving users a high-quality customizable desktop experience with Logitech Options

  • Simplifying security and reducing helpdesk calls by enabling users to utilize their Logitech webcam lens to log in to Windows Hello with facial recognition

  • Frustrated with plugging and unplugging dongles! How Logitech’s unifying receiver maximize your USB ports

BONUS: Two lucky attendees will win a Yamaha 5.1 channel 600-Watt Bluetooth 3D Home Theater System.

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·         Boosting productivity by giving users a high-quality customizable desktop experience with Logitech Options

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